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"It seemed like old times at first, but then afterward it was awkward."
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Oops! I Did It Again: 7 Valuable Lessons From Having Ex Sex

In our recent Break Up With Your Ex survey, we found that after nostalgia and fear of being alone, the most common reason people don't move on from their exes is because of the sex. Since so many of us have made this horrible mistake, we logged onto the world of social media to see what lessons were learned from banging your ex, if anything at all.

sex with ex boyfriend
One? A tried-and-true game plan.
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One More Time: 5 Pros Of Having Ex Sex

Would you consider venturing out into a blizzard to pick up a bottle of wine a particularly good idea? Would you do it anyway? I would … depending how bored I was or how the rest of my stock was looking. Let's face it: sometimes the ends (feeling all warm and cozy) justify the means (putting yourself at risk for a frivolous/fleeting desire). Okay, yeah I'm not really talking about wine. I'm talking about a sleeping with an ex-boyfriend.

Ex Sex: Letting Go & How To Move On
Not exactly the feeling you were hoping for.
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Is It Ever OK To Have Sex With An Ex?

What's wrong with a little trip down memory lane? According to dating expert Sandy Weiner, a whole lot! If you're wondering how to move on but still considering one last fling with your ex, hold it right there. Just say no to ex sex!

woman begging
Begging is for dogs.
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How To Get Him Back Without Seeming Needy Or Desperate

If you're a woman who has tried to get your ex back, you've most likely taken the "desperate times call for desperate measures" approach, causing you to do all kinds of unfortunate things, including the walk of shame and the drunk dial. These unflattering behaviors render you his doormat, and ultimately push him away.

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Thumbs down to ex sex!
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The Top 3 Ways To Avoid Ex Sex

Along with Astroglide, we recently hosted a reader contest to find out: what's the best way to avoid ex sex? We received nearly 100 responses but in the end could choose but three favorites. Keep reading to find out the top three ways to avoid ex sex!

ex sex
Maybe your breakup was a bad idea...
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Q&A: Why Is Sex With My Ex Hotter Than Ever?

When my guy and I were together, our sex life was bland and boring. Since we broke up three months ago, we're on a booty-call basis, no strings attached, and the sex is now hotter than ever. Why has it suddenly gotten so amazing?

how to avoid ex sex
Ex sex can be tempting. What's the best way to avoid it?

Contest: Tell Us The Best Way To Avoid Ex Sex—In 10 Words Or Less

We've teamed up with Astroglide, maker of personal lubricants and other sexy products, to seek out advice on a very real and dreaded part of the post-breakup period: avoiding ex sex! Between now and February 12, tell us the best way to avoid ex sex and you'll be entered to win fabulous Astroglide prizing.

Why You Shouldn't Sleep With Your Ex [EXPERT]
Stop ... in the name of love.
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Why You Shouldn't Sleep With Your Ex

Having sex with an ex is a common phenomenon. It happens more often than you would think, even with those couples who have contemptuous breakups. People have sex with their ex for a variety of reasons, including the following ...

couple bed sex ex
Uh oh.
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Sex With Your Ex: Always A Bad Idea?

If you asked someone on the street, "Is sex with an ex a good idea?" The answer would likely be a resounding, "No!" In fact, according to our Break Up With Your Ex research, a whopping 81 percent agree that ex sex is always a bad idea. Psychologists, however, seem to disagree.

stuck together
Free yourself from the trappings of an old relationship.
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10 Hidden Ways An Ex Stays Embedded In Our Lives

It's official. It's over. Actually it's been over for quite some time now. Then why are you still stuck with your ex? You may think you're doing your best to move on, but somehow you just can't shimmy away from him/her. Truth be told even if you aren't in physical contact you may be fooling yourself with lots of sneaky subtle behaviors that keep you connected and prevent you from meeting someone new!

Eating Love
This breakup no-no helped me move on from my ex.

Ex Sex Helped Me Get Over My Ex

A while back I was dating a guy that I was really into. In hindsight, the relationship was ridiculous… but I was transported by what seemed like some of the best between-the-sheets I've ever had, and I besotted myself into some idea that we had a future. So I was devastated when I was dumped, over email.

burn your cell phone instead of calling your ex
Destroying your cell phone every time you want to call your ex could get pricey.

5 Emergency Techniques To Use When You Want To Call Your Ex

It's been days or weeks or even months since you and your ex called it quits. And you're fine. You're convinced everything happens for a reason, and you’'l be better off with someone else someday. You rarely even think of him. Until you do.

"I Just Had Ex Sex....Now What?"
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"I Just Had Ex Sex....Now What?"

“I knew better.” “I knew it was a meaningless friends with benefits deal for him.” “I knew it wasn’t right for me.” “But, after that glass of wine and a little cuddling, one thing led to another and….” Jennie stopped talking. I could hear her crying softly. “I have no control. I still care about him so much. But I feel awful today. I’m such a loser.” Can you relate?

How Much do You Miss Sex With Your Ex?

How Much do You Miss Sex With Your Ex?

Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about! I’m haunted by my Ex Katherine. Not by what went wrong with our relationship, but what went right with our relationship – our love life. After being laid naked, fetal-positioned, paralyzed, and wanting by our breakup, I want to attempt a sequel with my Ex. I am willing to work harder on our vertical life together for the sake of getting back to our spectacular horizontal life together. How much harder? I am willing to change.