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How to Transform Retail Hell!
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How to Transform Retail Hell!

Today we are going to be talking about how to turn retail hell into, well, peace on earth! Okay, at least we’ll get a piece of really great advice that will make us all feel a lot better! We are all under added stress today, just trying to make ends meet, so many things up in the air—our health care, our kids, our job security is in question for many of us, and we are simply trying to make sure we have a roof over our heads and food on the table.

3 Essential Online Dating Etiquette Tips
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3 Essential Online Dating Etiquette Tips

I recently received a message on OkCupid from an attractive, educated, interesting guy. All it said was, “Hi. Nice profile.” And he signed his name. I enjoyed reading his profile, but I was very put off by the red dot signifying that he “replies very selectively” to the emails he receives. My first thought was that he must ignore all of the women who email him. And in that case, why would I want to know him? Instead of jumping to conclusions, however, I wrote back. “Back at ya. But what’s up with the red dot?”

Anna Post YourTango
Anna talks with YourTango's Faye Brennan

Etiquette Expert Anna Post On Fall Date Dos & Don'ts

As the great-granddaughter of Emily Post and the current face of the Emily Post Institute, Anna Post certainly knows a thing or two about looking and feeling your best ... and how to impress your cute plus one amidst the fall foliage.

Some Startling Stats About Sex & Texting [EXPERT]
According to one survey, 10% of people under 25 text during sex.
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Some Startling Stats About Sex & Texting

Just how attached are you to your mobile phone? According to OnlineCollege, 10 percent of people under 25 text during sex. Among all adults surveyed, 15 percent said they would answer a phone call in the middle of sex. Do your friends really need a play-by-play, 160-character description while you are naked, under the sheets with your significant other?

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Follow these online dating tips, and you just may become a happy in-real-life couple!
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10 Online Dating Etiquette Tips From The Emily Post Institute

What's appropriate when it comes to divulging information in your online dating profile and via social media? In our exclusive interview with Anna Post, the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, she told us some "golden rules" to keep in mind when online dating and when using social media in general. Perfect timing, since it's National Etiquette Week!

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The New Rules For Dating In A Digital World

Manners have gone digital. And that means you're probably asking yourself a million little questions about online behavior. When should you text your latest crush? Is it acceptable to announce your company's latest acquisition via tweet? Should you tag your friend on Facebook in that questionably attractive photo? Our online lives bring a totally new world of etiquette. Now, one swift keystroke can literally make or break a relationship, whether it's a crush, colleague, or friend. And though it's definitely not what your mamma taught you, that doesn't mean these 2.0 behaviors give you license to forget everything you learned growing up. The modern and old school need to co-exist.

Frustrated woman in bed with man bad sex

Bedroom Etiquette 101: A Guy's Guide

Perfectly good sex can be ruined by really bad manners. There is an unwritten code of sex conduct. Follow it, and your partner will likely be a repeat customer. ‪Break it, and you may screw the likelihood of boning again. After the jump, some examples of bad manners in the bedroom that will get you kicked to the curb.

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Would These Pick-Up Lines Work On You?

Have you heard ridiculous pick-up lines at a bar? If so, you're certainly not in the minority of women. Do you sometimes wish there were a mandatory Bar And Party Etiquette School where men are forced to learn that cheesy, crass comments just aren't going to fly? Well, this video from Fox News iMag is like a mini-etiquette school.