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What Is The Next Level Of Porn For Women?

Even though women make up one third of the visitors to porn sites, why is the majority of porn being made by men, for men? We take a look into the adult content that's being made exclusively for women, everything from video to erotic fiction.

Reading love stories
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5 Truly Inspiring Love Stories From Real Couples

Casablanca. The Notebook. Brokeback Mountain. There's something about epic love stories that can soften even the hardest of hearts — and it's not just the stuff of fairytales. Second chances at first love are very real. In fact, we gathered five inspiring love stories from five amazing couples to prove it. From lovers torn apart by war to a celebrity duo who were childhood pen pals, these real couples will restore your faith in romance.

Sex & Married Life
How much fun would you have in bed, if nothing held you back?
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Let's Talk About Sex: Love & Communication

If you're happily married but feel like your sex life could use a serious refresher course, this article is a must-read. Expert Anne Stirling Hastings is here to help you get over your hangups, fears and insecurities for a more fulfilling, amazing sex life. Full steam ahead!

sex fantasy
Sharing your desires may be the key to a hotter sex life.
30 Days Of Love

30 Sex Fantasies To Turn Into Reality

Welcome to 30 Days Of Love, our one-month initiative to bring you closer to the love you deserve just in time for Valentine's Day. Today, we're shining the spotlight on fantasy — and its role in a fulfilling relationship.

Why Masturbation & Touch During Divorce & Separation is Important
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Why Masturbation & Touch During Divorce & Separation is Important

First of all, when has this ever been a bad idea? In all seriousness though, it doesn’t seem to matter what night of the week it is, but being newly alone after a separation or divorce is, well…lonely.  Being alone when you have been used to being with your ex or with your ex and the kids as a family is a huge adjustment. You are now alone and isolated probably more of the time than you would like to be.

Erotica:7 Romance Novels with Super Awkward Animals On The Cover
Oh romance novels, why did you do this?
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10 Animals Who Have No Idea Why They're On Romance Novel Covers

Some erotica and romance novel covers are know, in a romance novel sort of way. They have the right mix of sex and mystery. Sometimes they have Fabio (who is actually a lot cooler than you might think.) And then sometimes, an animal gets thrown on there for no good reason. The animals themselves don't seem to understand why they're there, and neither can we.

The 9 Most Ridiculous Romance Covers
We could all do with a dose of romance from time to time.
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The 9 Most Ridiculous Romance Novel Covers

Romance novels can be a lot of fun. The explore themes of love and eroticism (and who doesn't love that?). But I think we can all agree that the covers range from giggle-worthy to the downright baffling.

Erotica That's Even Hotter Than 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'
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6 Books That Are Even Hotter Than 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

With hot casting news, there's no doubt the most talked-about book right now is E L James' Fifty Shades of Grey. So you've devoured the sexual history of Anastasia and Christian and loved every dominant and submissive minute. Now what? As you eagerly await the first trailer, satiate your need for more with these erotic encounters.