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The happy little Speed family.
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Love Propels British Couple To Move 5 Times For Daughter

Bill and Hollie Speed knew early on in their marriage that they would have to adopt. Mrs. Speed suffered several miscarriages, and their one child, Stephen, died three days after birth. But the Speeds soldiered on. They were determined to be parents, and they were more than happy to open their home to a child in need of love and care.

The Royal Baby's Birth: What's The Latest?
Kate at one of her last public appearances before the royal birth.
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The Royal Baby's Birth: What's The Latest?

The British are coming! Or, rather, their newest heir to the throne is coming ... and soon! With Kate's speculated due date of July 13th looming (a date guessed upon by the public, given as the palace has not released such information publicly), the royal baby could be on its way any day now! Not since Princess Diana was pregnant with baby William has the entire world been so excited. While we're all eagerly waiting for the royal baby's arrival, let's recap what we know so far about the big day:

Dating Olympics 2012
Let the dating games begin!
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Dating Olympics 2012: Who's The Hottest In The World?

With Olympics fever in the air, maybe we can take a lesson or two from other countries when it comes to dating. recently surveyed singles in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Japan, France and Canada to see just how different, or the same, dating is in these countries. Let the (love) games begin!

Happy Birthday, Prince William: 15 Cutest Moments In Uniform
Prince William has been very busy this birthday week!
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Happy Birthday, Prince William: 15 Cutest Moments In Uniform

Prince William has been a busy boy during his birthday week! Ahead of turning 30 this Thursday, he's taken part in the Trooping the Colour and Order of the Garter ceremonies, hung out with a rhino, played in a charity polo match, and had some sweet moments paling around with his dog, Lupo.

Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen just loves a good wedding!
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Who Likes To Crash Weddings? Queen Elizabeth II!

With the exception of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, most people don't really expect the Queen of England to come to their wedding, let alone appear in the wedding photos. However, that is exactly what happened to commoners John and Frances Canning of Manchester, England this week, when Queen Elizabeth crashed their nuptials!


Redheads Need Love Too

The prejudice of gingerism is really beginning to color the English character. Major advertisers have recently be chastised for their blatantly anti-redhead spots. Underneath the freckles, luminous fair skin and red-tinged locks, there are beautiful, thinking and feeling people, England. Get to really know a ginger before you make up your mind.

robert pattinson
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Top 10 British Celebrity Crushes

British celebrities are stealthy stealing America's heart. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Posh & Becks dominate our headlines as much as any Stateside star. Check out YourTango's rundown of the 10 sexiest British celebrities right now as we investigate the question: just what is their status?

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Awww Alert! Lions Reunite With Human Parents

This video supposedly documents the true story of Christian who, as a baby lion, was put up for sale at Harrods Department Store. A couple named John Rendall and Ace Berg pitied poor Christian when they saw him in his little cage and decided to bring him home. Eventually, Christian got too big for their flat. Rendall and Berg realized they had no choice but to reintroduce him to Africa so that he could live a proper lion life. But after a year, they missed Christian as only two bleeding heart British humans can miss a department store lion. And so they paid him a visit. This is what happened.