Will Jennifer Aniston's Marriage Last? [EXPERT]
The couple (pictured above) posed for photog Terry Richardson in September 2011.
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Will Jennifer Aniston's Marriage Last?

Like many, I grew up with Jennifer Aniston as my "friend" on TV. Like all of us, she has had a run of relationships. Some were good, some were bad, some were almost Mr. Right, and some were just Mr. Right Now. So, what makes Justin Theroux "the one?"

5 Signs Miley's Marriage Will Last [EXPERT]
Despite the naysayers, the love they share is evident.
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5 Signs Miley Cyrus' Marriage Will Last

Despite all the opposition Miley and Liam are getting from the press, this engagement is a great call. Yes, it's true that they are very young. Yes, they are celebrities, and yes, the odds are seriously against this union. This is especially true if we were to listen to public opinion, a bevy of relationship experts, over-protective parents or the ridiculously inaccurate divorce rate statistics.

Top 5 Reasons To Try Premarital Counseling [EXPERT]
We live in a world where more than 40% of all marriages fail.
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Top 5 Reasons To Try Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling gets a bad rap. The popular belief that there is something wrong with your relationship if you need counseling just isn't true. Most premarital clients are very happy and not having doubts about their wedding. They simply seek skills to prepare for predictable challenges of marriage. Yes, marriage is challenging, but most of the challenges are easy to overcome.

wedding dress
We're finally getting married! Now I just have to get all the details right...
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I'm Planning My Dream Wedding In Three Months!

You may remember my gripes back in November about not having a set wedding date. My fiancé and I were waiting because of money, stability and priorities. We were (and still are) very young and back then, we were temporarily living in New York, unsure if we were planning to stay. Well, things have changed since then.

shedding for the wedding
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Shedding For The Wedding: Biggest Loser With A Romantic Twist

Hosted by the recently slimmed down actress Sarah Rue, the CW's latest reality show, Shedding For The Wedding, revolves around 9 overweight engaged couples who have allowed romantic comfort get the best of their waistlines. With upcoming nuptials on the horizon, each pair dukes it out to see who can lose the most weight, percentage-wise, based on their combined starting weight. The winning couple nets an all expense paid dream wedding and spread in People magazine.