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Bella Swan has some, uh, interesting views on love.
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The 7 Dumbest Things Kristen Stewart Has Said About Love

Kristen Stewart, by virtue of her role as Bella Swan, the heroine and love interest of that sparkly vampire and flawless creature known as Edward Cullen, is often asked about love. Her answers are usually candid, but in light of the fact that she was caught cheating on her real-life BF and co-star (and now ex) Robert Pattinson, her words often feel like an act of foreshadowing or hypocritical. In essence, she says some dumb things about love.

Edward & Bella dance during the movie Breaking Dawn Part I.
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Real Love Or A Fantasy: The Appeal Of The Twilight Saga

During it's first week of availability, Breaking Dawn Part I sold 3.2 million DVD's and Blu-rays. For many, the anticipation of attending a Twilight premiere or purchasing the newly released DVD is likened to that of preparing for a high school prom. But teens aren't the only ones captivated. Audiences of all ages are hooked, guiltily or not, to the fanatical, addictive and utterly over-the-top love between the film's lead characters. So what is it about this solemn, inter-species affair that so appeals to the masses?

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Is The Vampire Dating Trend Over Yet?

This week, on Lyz on Love (a video round up of relationships news), is talking vampires and not just in the movies. In sum: While vampires might have been charming, back in the early days of the Twilight craze, they've ceased to amuse me. There is nothing endearing about drinking blood. In fact, I would say that drinking blood is a huge red flag. Relationships are complicated enough. No need to add blood sucking to the mix.

My Boyfriend the Vampire

My Boyfriend the Vampire

I was minding my own beeswax reading a magazine on the subway recently when I noticed all these teenage girls staring at me.  They whispered to each other, giggled and pointed.  Finally, I caught my reflection in a window and figured out the cause of the hullabaloo.  Robert Pattinson, the vampire dude from Twilight, was on the cover of my Vanity Fair. What’s the big whoop?  Sure, Pattinson is lovely in a James Dean knockoff way.  But because of him, legions of adult women and their daughters are fantasizing about waifish boys flying down from the skies to fang them in the craw.  Boggles the mind. Maybe the vampire thing doesn’t do it for me because I have trouble getting turned on by scenarios that could never happen.  Or maybe because I actually dated a vampire.

Edward Cullen
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7 Book Characters Hotter Than Edward Cullen

Like it or not, Edward Cullen is the fictional hottie du jour. Never before have women been so enamored by a sparkly, lovesick centenarian torn between protecting his girlfriend and eating her for dinner. Despite Edward's edgy persona and "angelic" good looks, we're not convinced that he's the literary dreamboat that thousands of Twilight and New Moon fans have made him out to be. Before Edward Cullen swooped into our libraries and bookstores, we had other male literary characters to dazzle us.

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How To Date A (Real-Life) Vampire

These days, it seems, everyone wants to bed a vampire. Their combination of unearthly beauty, perfect chivalry and dangerous nature make them irresistible to women. True Blood's Bill Compton and Twilight's Edward Cullen are the stuff of fiction, however there is, in fact, a community of people who identify as vampires. So what's it like to date a real-life vampire? YourTango investigates.

Robert Pattinson
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Robert Pattinson Is Sad And Lonely

Pity poor Robert Pattinson. He's stalked by screaming teenage girls wherever he goes, suffers an incurable allergy to shampoo, and despite his popularity with the Trapper-Keeper set and their emotionally immature mothers, can't get a date.

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Is Twilight Bad For Your Love Life?

Some of you told me I wouldn’t like Twilight, but I bought the book anyway just to see what all the hoopla was about. Well, I finally finished it, and…I appreciated the romance-factor, but I couldn’t help thinking it was giving girls the wrong idea about love and relationships. I did a feminist reading of Twilight and here’s what bugged me:

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The Twilight Cast In Love At Comic-Con

This year's Comic-Con is off the hook. But one of the biggest buzzes, so far, has been about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's off-screen romance? Is it real? Are they just like Edward Cullen and Bella Swan when the cameras are off? That kind of sexual tension could just be great acting. Everyone seemed to love them in Twilight, we'll see what New Moon has to offer.

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True Blood Is Anti-Gay?

A blog on the awesome site The Daily Beast, thinks that the vampire saga True Blood is homophobic. The assumption is that there is too much overlap between the series' vampires and stereotypical criticism of homosexual Americans. The analysis is a bit too focused and over-states the case.

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Robert Pattinson Fed Up With American Women

Robert Pattinson is in New York City shooting his latest movie, Remember Me. Unfortunately, it's not all grins and giggles for the Twilight star. The ladies of the Big Apple all seem to want a piece of the man who plays Edward Cullen. Evidently, there are not nearly this many Robert Pattinson groupies in merry olde London. On top of that, our media is increasingly concerned with who he's dating. It is Kristen Stewart, Camille Belle, Emilie de Ravin, Megan Fox or other?

robert pattinson and kristen stewart
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Robert Pattinson Is Not Dating Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart's boyfriend, Michael Angarano, is sure that she's not dating her co-star Robert Pattinson. And he would probably know. He says it's all wishful thinking on the part of Twilight fans. And it's possible that Pattinson is dating another cast member Nikki Reed. Vampires in love!

10 Men Sexier Than Hugh Jackman
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10 Men Sexier Than Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is a sexy, sexy man. That's what People magazine believes at least. Last week the celebrity mag picked the Australia star for its coveted title previously held by the likes of Johnny Depp, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt. While Mr. Jackman definitely sets our hearts fluttering we can't help but think that there are sexier men who could easily fill Hugh's shoes. We're not alone. Entertainment Weekly feels Jon Hamm was denied type honors, and comments on the site tout the sexiness of everyone from Gale Harold (Desperate Housewives) to Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors). After hours of searching through hot celebrity photos, YourTango has come up with a list of 10 men who are sexier than Hugh Jackman.

Robert Pattinson

Poll: Vampire You'd Most Like to Date

Poll: Vampire You'd Most Like to Date: Edward Cullen, Twilight Bill Compton, True Blood Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lestat, Interview With a Vampire Barnabas Collins, Dark Shadows