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New Marriage Trend: Men Marrying Wealthy Women

Major gender role changes are afoot, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center. Men are increasingly marrying women who earn more money or education than them. The numbers say it all: In 1970, 4% of wives earned more than their husbands; in 2007, 22% did. Good job ladies! Let's examine what has caused this shift in gender dynamics.

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Why We Need To Rethink Romance

Ross Douthat wrote an interesting Op-Ed piece in the The New York Times titled 'The Way We Love Now' which analyzes the state of love, marriage and romantic contentment in 2009. Douthat wonders if we as a society have morphed into a culture of bed-hopping, cheating hearts and sexless, impossibly unsatisfied curmudgeons.

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Saving Money—And Your Relationship—After Job Loss

Times are tough and, these days, jobs are lost as regularly as kids lose their baby teeth. In a relationship, when one partner becomes unemployed, it can be a challenge to stay upbeat and supportive. One YourTango user came to us for advice on the matter. We asked the stars of our new series Still Life Love Advice to tell us: how do you save money and your relationship when your love gets laid off?

The Birds and the Bees and the Brits
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The Birds and the Bees and the Brits

The country that brought loopy eyeliner, messy beehive hairdos and people named "Posh" and "Becks" to American culture have finally come up with something reasonable. Let's hope this one gets imported, eh, mate? Sex education will now be obligatory for public school students in Britain, specifically in order to address the teen pregnancy rate, says Schools Minister Jim Knight. You hear that, Bristol Palin? In 1999, Britain, which has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Western Europe, decided to cut the teen pregnancy rate in half by 2010. This is one step in its plan (more details from Tango's Tom Miller here) -- and a brilliant one at that. America, as we all know, is plagued by abstinence-only education, whose inefficacy is proven yet ignored.

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Love Lessons

Singapore’s got its eye on the prize: In an effort to raise a low birth rate, the government has introduced a course entitled, “Understanding Relationships: Love and Sexuality.” The class is taught by the Social Development Agency (Singapore’s match-making agency) and covers topics such as love song analysis, speed dating, and online chatting.

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Aussie Coal Miners Get Lesson On Menopause

Apparently, no sex makes a miner bad at his job. But what happens when his menopausal wife is just not into it? Well an Australian mining outfit is educating their workers on how to handle this period (or not). They'll learn more life lessons in a series of classes. It's better than the black lung, pop.