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Doing It With A Drunk

Alcohol has been known as the great social lubricant but it appears to be a solution for erectile dysfunction as well. A study shows that "low risk drinkers" (4 drinks per day) are actually less likely to have problems below the belt than teetotalers. That's well and good but a man who goes out and gets drunk is still likely to experience some issues in that arena. But the inebriated fellow is also up for drunk sex and all of the demolished inhibitions that entails. It's a tough choice, responsible man with ED, alcoholic with functioning tackle or binge-drinking wild card.

Do Men Turn Down A Casual Lay?
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Do Men Turn Down A Casual Lay?

A crash course for women looking for casual sex as advice culled from three men in the column Wise Guy by Em and Lo. All men had a variation of booty call red flags such as, don't get too drunk, don't act psycho, try to appear STD-free and hope that the guy has no better options. Basically, women should try to train themselves to see the sex as just that, not anything more.

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Breakfast With What's His Name [VIDEO]

There's no better way to deal with a stilted morning-after conversation than to stuff your face. But what if you don't know what to serve that mediocre hunk of semi-coherent love whose name you can't remember? No worries. Nadia G is here with her One Night Stand Bitchin' Kitchin' Cooking Show to rescue your hungover ass.