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He likes it but he didn't put a ring on it.

Broken? Not Quite. What It Really Means If You're Not Married

If you're a single woman like me, I'm sure you've heard this refrain more than once: "But you're so smart/pretty/fun/great. Why aren't you married?" I have to admit I've puzzled over this for a while myself. At a certain age, odds are you're tempted to think it means there's something wrong with you. Well, it's time to put the pity party to an end and look at the facts. Love is a wonderful thing. But marriage isn't for everyone, and that's more than okay. Here's why.

3 Questions to Ask Before Entering the GLBT Workforce
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3 Questions to Ask Before Entering the GLBT Workforce

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Professionals have a lot of considerations in today's ever changing workforce.  Decisions vary depending on whether you are out in your personal life and/or professional life.  They can also vary depending on the industry within which you work.  The following 3 Reflection Questions can serve as a stepping off point for GLBT professionals facing these sometimes daunting challenges.    

Has Marriage Become An Outdated Institution? [EXPERT]
Has the traditional order of operations in love become a thing of the past?
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Has Marriage Become An Outdated Institution?

Right? Wrong. With Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's recent engagement announcement after seven years and six kids together, it appears that the order of operations in love and relationships may be changing directions.

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Facebook Adds Relationship Status Aimed At Same-Sex Couples

In what's being lauded as a victory for the LGBT community, Facebook has added civil unions and domestic partnerships as relationship statuses for users in the United States, Canada the United Kingdom, France and Australia. The feature, which went into effect last Thursday, allows you to choose either of those options (or "in a Civil Partnership," for those in the UK), in the drop-down menu of familiar statuses like "Married," "in a Relationship," and "it's Complicated."