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couple with jealous dog
This canine companion has mastered the art of throwing shade.

10 Dogs Who Are Tired Of Being The Third Wheel

Dogs: They're man's best friend ... until that man gets a new girlfriend. And if you've ever had a canine companion, you already know how jealous they can be of newborn babies, dates, family members, really anyone who comes into intimate contact with you. They're kind of attention hogs. And new research from the University of California, San Diego, proved it. Psychologists videotaped how 36 dogs would react to their owners when they showed affection to animatronic stuffed dogs.

Could you say 'no' to this face? Photo: Flickr, wwarby.
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13 Reasons Otters Make The Best Boyfriends, Bar None

Forget owls and dogs. We've found a new winner for the title of Best Boyfriend: otters! These cuddly little sea-dwellers are too cute and ready for your love. From the tips of their noses to those funky tails, these guys are the clear winners in the race to be the best boyfriend.

12 Reasons Pitbulls Are Really Big Bundles Of Love
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12 Reasons Pitbulls Are Just Big Bundles Of Love

Pitbulls get a bad rap. They've been branded vicious, wild animals, but there's actually nothing scary or aggressive about them by nature. When raised right, pitbulls are among the most loyal, loving dogs out there. Here are 12 reasons why you should take the time to raise them with love and care. You won't regret it!

20 Dogs Who Are Madly In Love
A smooch makes everything all better.
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20 Dogs Who Are Madly In Love

Don't you just hate it when a dog has a cuter love life than you? I know, happens to me all the time. But these pups are so adorable that it doesn't matter! Check out these 20 dogs who are madly in love with each other.

Relationship Advice: Should We Stay Together For The Dog?
But what about our furry baby?
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Should We Stay Together ... For The Dog?

As a serial monogamist, I've been in three serious, long-term relationships in close succession over the past 12 years. Every time I thought about breaking up, I looked at my little dog Moxie sitting across from me on the sofa with those piercing brown eyes and wondered what it would mean for him. People with kids scoff at us pet people for the bonds we make with four-leggers, but he may as well have been a child, and I know my ex feels the same way.