Divorce Coach: I Lost My Marriage & Found Myself
Have you ever considered that your divorce could be a gift?
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How I Lost My Marriage & Found Myself

This divorce coach's personal story will move you and provide a touching insight into the many aspects of divorce. Whether you've overcome your divorce fears or are going through one now, this is a moving on must-read.

Marriage Therapist: Financial Dramas That Lead To Divorce
This little guy doesn't want to be the cause of your breakup! Photo: bradipo, Flickr
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Does Financial Drama Lead To Divorce?

Here's some marriage therapist and relationship expert advice on an issue we all struggle with: financial drama. Could poor communication about your money problems cause a divorce? Read on to find out.

Why Masturbation & Touch During Divorce & Separation is Important
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Why Masturbation & Touch During Divorce & Separation is Important

First of all, when has this ever been a bad idea? In all seriousness though, it doesn’t seem to matter what night of the week it is, but being newly alone after a separation or divorce is, well…lonely.  Being alone when you have been used to being with your ex or with your ex and the kids as a family is a huge adjustment. You are now alone and isolated probably more of the time than you would like to be.

Dating After Divorce: How Men & Women Cope
There's no "right" answer for how long healing takes.
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Newsflash: Men & Women Deal With Divorce Differently

Men and women tend to have different coping strategies for every situation that arises, including their emotional fallout after a breakup, how soon they move on and begin dating after divorce. Have you been placing unfair expectations on yourself?

Divorce Coach: How To Co-Parent During The Holiday Season
Want happy kids? Don't make them choose this holiday season.
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Co-Parenting Tips For The Holidays: 7 Ways To Create New Memories

Are you divorced and trying to figure out how you and your ex will share the kids this holiday season? Look no further for advice. This divorce coach and relationship expert offers tips on how to stay civil with your ex for the sake of the children, plus seven ways to create new and meaningful memories.