joaquin phoenix and scarlett johansson.
Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, lead actors in the Oscar nominated film.

5 Surprisingly Timeless Love Lessons From The Movie 'Her'

There's now an entire generation that will never know love without cell phones. They express affection with smiley-faced graphics — winking and kissy-faced emojis. Our relationships are becoming undeniably entangled with technology. The movie 'Her' takes this idea a step further. The film is set in the not-so-distant future, in a fantasy Los Angeles (where people actually walk to work), but it has plenty of timeless insights about love. Here's what we learned.

Love & Technology: Welcome To Dating In The Digital Age 2013
Based on our survey, 63% of people who use dating sites are looking for something serious.

Welcome To 'Dating In The Digital Age' 2013!

Instagram, 'selfies', sexting, dating websites — we can't decide whether technology has complicated our love lives or made them more convenient (or both?). But one thing's for sure, we could talk about the topic for days — make that two weeks, to be exact! Welcome to our first annual 'Dating In The Digital Age' campaign; from now until June 25th, we'll explore the exhilarating highs and the nail-biting lows of looking for love and maintaining healthy relationships in the era of technology. C'mon, join the discussion!

6 Ways To Give Your Relationship A 'Digital Detox'
Feeling left out? It might be time to undergo a digital detox.
Love Buzz

6 Ways To Give Your Relationship A 'Digital Detox'

Picture this: A beautiful Sunday morning at a beachfront café. After a stressful work week, you and your man are sitting down for a relaxed brunch and some quality couple time. You're discussing the idea of summer vacation, dreaming up ideas of where you might enjoy more quality time together. Before you can say, "French West Indies," his cell phone starts buzzing, a call is coming in.

Austin, Texas
YourTango wants to go to Austin for SXSW, but we need your help to get there!
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woman career computer
Do you know a woman who's kicking butt in tech or digital media?
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L'Oréal Is Calling All Leading Ladies In Digital Media!

Here in New York, we know so many inspiring women who are kicking butt in the digital media world. With social media playing a larger and larger role in our lives — including dating lives — every day, it's great to see women taking the reins.

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