Celebrity Sex: Demi Lovato's Nude Pics Leak ... On Purpose?
Demi announces her 'Glee' role, then rumors circulate about her naked pics. Well played?
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What?! Demi Lovato Involved In Nude Pics Scandal!

Eeks! Looks like former Disney star Demi Lovato had a little nip slip that may cost her. Reportedly, more than 20 sinful shots were offered to RadarOnline.com that showcase the once teen-bop star in some racy and raunchy poses. "These are Demi. The collection I have show nude, including face, some including body parts of the body Demi is known for – tattoos, butt, chin. Then, I have pictures of her getting rowdy … I can guarantee you these photos are legitimately of Demi," said the creepy SOB looking to make a buck. 

Mariah Carey curvy
If you got it, flaunt it, Mariah!
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13 Celebrities Who Look Better With Curves

The fact of the matter is, some celebs just plain ol' look better with a little meat on their bones. Men are always telling us that they find curves incredibly sexy, and the truth can be seen in stars like Nicki Minaj and

Poll: Which Celebrity Needs To Break Up With Their Ex?
Do Chris Brown & Rihanna need to cut ties with each other for good?

Poll: Which Celebrity Needs To Break Up With Their Ex?

We know holding on to an old flame isn't a healthy thing to do, but as our new Break Up With Your Ex survey reveals, it takes most people months to get over an ex. This also applies in CelebLand, where celebrities seem to have more splits to their names than hit records or box office successes.

 Wilmer Valderrama & Demi Lovato: Their Age Gap Broke Them Up!
It's over for Wilmer and Demi
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Wilmer Valderrama & Demi Lovato: Their Age Gap Broke Them Up!

It looks like the relationship between Demi Lovato and former That 70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama may have crashed and burned... again. According to HollywoodLife, the 19-year-old singer, who recently won "Favorite Female Pop Artist" at the People's Choice Awards, and the 31-year-old actor have broken up due to issues stemming from their 12-year age difference.

demi lovato
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Would You Let Your 18-Year-Old Daughter Date A 36-Year-Old Man?

Gross. Gross, gross, gross. Rumors are swirling that Ryan Phillippe and Demi Lovato have been secretly dating now for a few months. Ryan, 36, is twice Demi's age—quick math—aaaaand she's 18. Perez Hilton and E! News say that things have gotten pretty hot and heavy between the two recently, but that the relationship kind of started cooling down after Ryan's ex-girlfriend gave birth to his baby girl, Kai. Nothing like a little baby-mama drama to hopefully scare an 18-year-old girl into being a single teen again.

Demi Lovato and Ryan Phillippe secretly dating and hooking up
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Are Demi Lovato And Ryan Phillippe Secret Lovers?

We wonder what 18-year-old Demi Lovato's parents think about the recent rumor the young singer has been hooking up with the much older actor (and father) Ryan Phillippe, 36? According to E! News, the two have been secretly seeing each other for a couple of months now. A source claims Lovato and Phillippe started dating each other casually at first, but things got hot and heavy pretty fast.