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Help! He's A Republican & I'm A Democrat [EXPERT]
Would you date your political opposite?
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Help! He's A Republican & I'm A Democrat

Many people take their political affiliations seriously. Perhaps you were brought up to revere Ronald Reagan while your partner thinks that Reagan's decisions are what got this country into big trouble. Maybe when you were a kid you helped your family put up yard signs for Bill Clinton but your partner has no respect for that former president's policies.

mitt romney ann romney binders full of women
Nice pink dress, Ann. Did Mitt Romney pick her out of a binder too?
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4 Ways Mitt Romney Is Terrible For Women ('Binders' Aside)

Well, that's one more 2012 presidential debate said and done, and I'm sure the only thing people on both Democrats and Republicans will be able to agree upon tomorrow will be that both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney looked faaabulous in their Schiaparelli pink outfits. Yep, the wives sure made quite the impression! But not as much as Mitt's "Binders Full of Women!"

5 Tips From Divorced Women On Avoiding A Bad Marriage [EXPERT]
Do you have concerns about your marriage?
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5 Tips From Divorced Women On Avoiding A Bad Marriage

Buried in "How readers scored first presidential debate," today's letters to the editor section of the Denver Post, is one with a slightly different twist. Kelsey Kenfield noted: "What truly frightened me to the core was Mick Romney's unabashed disregard, arrogance and lack of respect shown for the moderator, Jim Lehrer, an equally learned and accomplished person, a man doing nothing to Romney but offering him a forum to express himself. [… His] attitude towards someone he perceived as standing in his way is … more a measure of the man than anything else that happened Wednesday night. This behavior should not be ignored."

mom dad and two kids
Should your husband come before your baby?
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My Husband Comes Before Our Kids: Why I Baby-Proof My Marriage

The first year of our son's life was the most difficult of our marriage to date and it is also the year I learned a very important lesson: My husband must always come before our children and, according to a survey of counseling professionals from Your Tango, the lesson is a good one. Half of the experts polled believe that wives should prioritize their husband over their kids.

bill o'reilly
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Why I See Logic Behind Bill O'Reilly's "Women Are Blasted" Quip

Unless you've been in a cave all week, you probably heard Bill O'Reilly's controversial comment during a discussion of universal birth control on his Fox News show. He said: "Many, many people, many women, I hate to say it… Many women who get pregnant are blasted out of their minds when they have sex and aren't going to get birth control anyway."

Jenna Lyons and her son painting nails pink

Poll: What Message Does This Mom Painting Son's Nails Ad Send?

"Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon." That's the quote, accompanied by a photo of J.Crew's creative director, Jenna Lyons, applying pink polish to 5-year-old son Beckett's toenails, that's caused a firestorm of cultural controversy and had critics crying "transgendered child propaganda." We're pretty sure the minds behind the catalog ad thought the toenail painting was just a cute mother-son activity to highlight on their "Saturday with Jenna" page. Prominent conservatives thought otherwise.

A woman confronts a man with flowers
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Domestic Violence: Is It Just As Bad When A Woman Hits A Man?

Is domestic violence one area where a double-standard is justified? One writer argues that it is. In an article for BlissTree, Valerie Curnow says: "Usually I'm fiercely against double-standards, but I have to admit: I don't think that a woman hitting a man is the same thing as a man hitting a woman. Don't get me wrong: I'm anti-domestic violence (physical and emotional), or any violence for that matter, but I just don't believe that if a woman hits a man, the ramifications are the same as when the reverse happens." Should this double-standard exist?

unhappy couple on couch

Couples: Will Living Together Ruin Your Relationship?

Men from different lovestages debate whether or not to move in with a girlfriend before marriage. Some think it spells disaster for the relationship while others are convinced it's a necessary step. Watch five guys discuss the upsides and downsides to sharing a home with your partner before saying "I do." Their answers might surprise you!

museum of sex debate
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The Museum of Sex Combines Sex and Politics

Sex and politics? Although the combination may sound strange, the two controversial subjects met yesterday at the New York Museum of Sex. The third presidential debate aired last night on every news network and also on screens inside the New York Museum of Sex. Google News reports that, "The session of naked politics took place in a hall where dozens of TV screens only minutes earlier had been filled with quite a different kind of nudity."