Ryland, a happy, healthy little boy.
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Watch: Family Puts Out Beautiful Tribute To Transgender Child

Young Ryland Whittington had more trials than most children in his early years. First, it was discovered when he was a year old that he was deaf. And second? He was born a girl. Though genetically he was identified as a girl at birth, he knew from a young age that he was a boy. His parents put together this amazing tribute to show the world how much they love and support their son. This is a definite don't-miss video.

The happy little Speed family.
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Love Propels British Couple To Move 5 Times For Daughter

Bill and Hollie Speed knew early on in their marriage that they would have to adopt. Mrs. Speed suffered several miscarriages, and their one child, Stephen, died three days after birth. But the Speeds soldiered on. They were determined to be parents, and they were more than happy to open their home to a child in need of love and care.

The proud papa and his little girl.
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2 Month Old Baby Tells Daddy 'I Love You'

Youtube user Stephanie Passalacqua posted a video of her then two-month-old daughter, saying "Here is a video I recorded of my 2 month old daughter trying to copy the words her father is saying to her. At the end, she says "I love you."" Watch the video and tell us what you think: is this a baby-miracle, or just a lucky mash-up of sounds?

A little one is on the way!
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Woman Learns She'll Be A Granny, Loses Her Everloving Mind

When Lisa Englert presented her mother with a Valentine's Day card from Lisa's unborn child announcing that mama was going to become a grandmamma, there's no way she could have anticipated her mom's reaction. It is lighting up the internet for all the best reasons. The future grandmother is already full of love for the little one, and we are overjoyed for the whole brood.

The Role Your Dad Should Play in Your Dating
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The Role Your Dad Should Play in Your Dating

I get to say I am one of the lucky ones to have been born to a great Dad. I did nothing to deserve a Dad so kind and loving so I am not trying to brag, it just happens to be the lucky  hand I was dealt. Besides being a great Dad, the kind that always made time for his kids and showed an unprecedented amount of patience and creativity, he continues to be one of my best friends.