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Does it have advantages over traditional sites like or OKCupid?
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Don't Want To Write An Dating Profile? Try An Inspiration Board

Dreamcliq is a dating site that just launched two weeks ago that takes the traditional online dating profile and turns it on its head: Users of the site create profiles from photos only, creating a constantly evolving inspiration board that, in many ways, resembles one you might see on Pinterest.

Gay & Dating Websites To Love & Leave
Hey, you can't bookmark everything...
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10 Gay Websites To Love & 10 To Leave

There are so many gay and dating websites for gay men these days, it's easy to get lost in the web! Coming out coach Rick Clemons helps you navigate which ones to love... and which to sashay away. Grab your board; we're about to do some serious surfing.

Dating Coach: Are You A Dating Site Stalker?
Um, maybe?
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Are You A Dating Site Stalker?

Listen to this dating coach when he says obsessively checking a new guy's profile online is a bad idea. Why? Worrying about if he's contacting other women makes you look and feel insecure. Wouldn't you rather be your confident, awesome self?

Online Dating Advice: 6 Valuable Lessons From Online Dating
"I don't feel like such a hopeless romantic anymore when I'm online," says Tara
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6 Valuable Lessons From Online Dating

Is online dating worth it? We asked online daters to come clean about the things they loved — and what they loathed — when it came to finding a match online.

'Cute Animals, Bad Dates': Real Lines From Dating Websites
This frisky feline took the words right out of my mouth!
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15 LOL-Worthy Animals To Make You Feel Better About Online Dating

YourTango caught up exclusively with Jen Talley, the blogger mom behind Cute Animals, Bad Dates where she pulls hilarious, yet real lines from dating profiles and pairs them up with oddly appropriate animal pictures. Where does she get the inspiration for these sometimes funny bone-tickling, sometimes heart-warming images?

Facebook Takeover: We're Talking Dating Websites
Don't break that computer! Tell us about it on Facebook, instead.
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Facebook Takeover: We're Talking Dating Websites

Do you have any crazy (or crazy-awesome) online dating stories? Relationship expert Charles Orlando will be hosting a YourTango Facebook takeover on Thursday, September 26 to talk about internet love. Come share your best dating websites stories!

Dating Websites: Why They Work
It'd be great to meet someone in person, but it's also not impossible to do so online.
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Why Online Dating Works: A Rebuttal

Dating expert Evan Marc Katz offers a rebuttal to a recent article by expert Charles Orlando arguing against dating websites. According to Katz, not only do these sites get results, they're a practical, efficient way to meet people. Read on for the juicy scoop!