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Dating Tips & Flirting Advice: Conversation Advice
Oh come on: You are NOT that shy.
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How To Talk 'To' A Girl

Are you, um, totally awkward when it comes to talking up the ladies? Looks like you need a dating tips refresher course from dating expert Justin Kelly McClure. (Hint: don't lead with "Excuse me, Miss.")

11 Tips for a Successful Date
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11 Tips for a Successful Date

Dating plays a vital role in the matchmaking process. This is where my clients get to practice. Meeting with a matchmaker is the classroom experience, while dating is the hands on, field experience—offering an opportunity to get out there and find who and what exactly works for them.   As a matchmaker I supply my clients with invaluable feedback after each date, but my tips before a date are what I stress when first working with a client.

Relationship Expert: Physical Attraction & Smiling
It's hard to resist a good grin!
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Nothing But A Smile: The Secret To Magnetism

Want to be insta-attractive? Forget your lip gloss, eyeliner and favorite jeans: all it takes is this simple piece of advice. Our relationship expert tells you how to attract everything from a date to a job offer with this one thing.

50+ Love And Dating Tips
Little gestures go a long way.
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How To Woo A Woman Over 50

Women over 50 crave comfort, care and thoughtful gestures from their partners. Whether you're 50+ and dating someone new or have been married to a great woman for years, try these "keep her satisfied" tactics for a better, healthier relationship.

Dating Advice: Are You Stuck As A Single? [VIDEO]
Sick of feeling lonely?

Are You Perpetually Single?

Do you ever feel like there's something wrong with you because you're still single? These relationship and dating experts explain that the problem isn't you — but that there ARE some actions you can take to be proactive on your search for love.