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Night Out On The Town - 5 Date Ideas for a Memorable Time

Night Out On The Town - 5 Date Ideas for a Memorable Time

Dates are a fun way for people to get to know each other and for people who know each other well to reconnect. While they are fun, they can sometimes get humdrum in their choices. A typical dinner with a movie can only be done so many times before it gets boring. We have compiled a list of different things to do that can make any date memorable. Tourist for a Day

Dating: What Does Chemistry Mean On A Date
He isn't calling. Maybe your date wasn't as great as you thought it was?
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Is Your Chemistry Meter Broken?

Are you puzzled by a man you seemed to really click with, but then never heard from again? If you’ve ever been in this situation (and who hasn’t?), expert Rori Raye will open your eyes as to why and teach you a much more effective way to gauge romantic potential.

Dating Fails: 6 Ways To Survive A Bad Date
I didn't think he'd be so self-centered. Is he having the date with himself or me?
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6 Ways To Survive A Bad Date

Have you found yourself on a date with someone that you initially thought could be the perfect catch BUT...they were exactly the opposite. Did you wonder how you can jet out of there quickly without hurting anyones feelings? If so, read on to see Elizabeth Stone's tips for exiting a bad date gracefully.

Dating Fails: Falling Off The Dating Bike? Get Back On!
Bad dates will drain your energy! Time to refresh.
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How To Shake Off The Disappointments Of Dating Fatigue

Dating is fun at first, but when you finally reach the point where you actually want the pleasure of a true love, it can be quite discouraging. It can sometimes seem as if the perfect guy is merely a figure of your imagination. Read on to learn how you can recharge your life when dating fatigue has you down.

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Why settle for less when you can have more?

How Can I Have The Best Sex Of My Life?

Many of us settle for mediocre sex when we don't have to. It's said that the largest sex organ is your brain - And these Experts want to help you get out of your own way and have the best sex of your life.

Dating: How To Know If Your Online Date Is Ready For Love
Yea, I just met him, but I can see us together. What's wrong with that?
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3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Premature Monogamy

The single life is indeed a tricky one. Its enjoyable right up until you think you want to be in a relationship, and end up falling for some guy mainly because you want that life so badly. tell you the truth, it's sometimes hard not to fall into the hole of desperation when your're dating. Make sure you know how to prevent this mistake while you're dating by reading the article for dating tips.

Dating: Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last
If you want women to believe in you, you best believe in yourself first.
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The Death Of The Doormat: Why Being A Yes-Man Gets Lots Of No's

The Yes-Man. The doormat. The coward. The wimp. Whatever you want to call them, men without a backbone often find themselves struggling to get dates. They find themselves dateless, defeated, and discouraged, ultimately throwing in the towel and concluding that all women have fallen from the same bitchy tree.

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Don't let your relationship hit the end of the line.

Has The Sex In Your Relationship Just Gone Bad?

When your once active love and sex life begin to take a turn for the worse, is there any way of saving your relationship? In this video, Relationship expert Matthew Walters is joined by YourTango marriage experts Esther Perel, Lesli Doares, Cynthia Chestnut and Elisabeth LaMotte to touch on the nitty gritty reasons why the feelings of love and intimacy shared between you and your partner sometimes change.