An Unlikely Friendship; How I Found Value In An Ex Boyfriends Ex

An Unlikely Friendship; How I Found Value In An Ex Boyfriends Ex

      I wanted to hate her.   I wanted to take everything that she was that I couldn't embody and use it as logical reasoning to why she was the sole obstacle preventing my relationship from progressing. My then boyfriends' ex girlfriend lived states away, but through consistent emails, texts, and pictures she sent him, it felt as if she were living right next door. Her presence was a constant reminder every time the notification tone pinged on his mobile.  

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Does Winning The Lottery Ruin Relationships?

Winning the lottery is something we all fantasize about. And though many of us believe scoring the Mega Millions would solve all our problems, there's a chance we could be wrong. Here we take a look at the pros and cons of a couple winning the lottery, exploring the possibility of how lottery winnings could ruin your love life.

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Single Life: 7 Ways To Stay Positive About Dating

I have probably been on more dates than 99.5 percent of the earth's population (oh how I wish I were joking) so I've learned a little something about it, including how to stay positive, even when it seems like your last good date was six months and/or a few dozen romantic dinners ago. Here are seven ways to stay upbeat in the face of dating dreariness.

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No Time To Date? Hire An Online Dating Assistant

In theory, online dating is easy. Making a profile takes only about 20 minutes. After that, you click around either at your own volition or through the guidance of an algorithm that picks your matches for you. All this can be done while watching TV or eating bagels. You don't even need to go outside. Sounds like a total no-brainer, right? Wrong. Dating is time-consuming, especially online. Enter online dating assistants. Have you tried one or would you?

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5 Signs Drinking Is Hurting Your Dating Life

If you rate your days on a scale of drunk to hungover, and a your memory holds a colorful (but brief) revolving door of hazy casual romantic dalliances, then it might (might) be time to add a few new hobbies to the mix. If you relate to one or more of the signs below, your romance with alcohol may be getting in the way with you finding a real flesh and blood relationship. Here, 5 signs drinking is hurting your dating life.