4 Things That Can Kill Any New Romance [EXPERT]
These things can really put out the flame in a relationship.
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4 Things That Can Kill Any New Romance

In the beginning of any courtship, everyone shows up wearing their finest mask and putting forth their best foot. We all can agree that we have found ourselves attracted to someone of the opposite sex who appeared to be perfect on paper until we discovered a little more about him or her that was a complete turn off. We could list a number of deal-breakers that can be a killjoy to a new relationship, but below you will find some of the top four that will shut down the fireworks of any new encounter.

lazy cow

Relationship Fail: Want To Date A "Lazy Cow"?

Online dating experts are always stressing that you should know how to sell yourself to a potential match. This means listing your best qualities in your profile and posting photos that make you look like a fabulous catch. This does not mean that you should refer to yourself as a "lazy cow."