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12 Signs Your Phone Is Your Boyfriend

Did you know that half of women in a recent survey said they would rather give up sex for a month than lose their phones for that long? It sounds outrageous, but let's be honest — we all know more than a few people who are positively glued to their phones (you might even be one of them!).

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Grace Bonney's DesignSponge has been dubbed "Martha Stewart for the Millennials."

Exclusive! DesignSponge Founder Grace Bonney On Coming Out As Gay

This month, Grace Bonney — founder of the uber popular decor & DIY blog DesignSponge — became one of the internet's most unlikely LGBT celebrities. On June 10, Bonney announced that her high-profile marriage to her husband, Aaron Coles, had come to an end. She also came out as a lesbian. YourTango had the opportunity to talk with Grace about the the liberation (and anxiety) of coming out and the unexpected reaction to her surprising public announcement.

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I was catfished, hook, line and sinker.

Gone Catfishin': How I Was Lured By An Online Dating Con Artist

Thanks to sensational programs like MTV's Catfish, we can now — as a society — sit back on our comfy couches and make fun of people who fall prey to online romance schemes. But when you are lied to, stolen from and emotionally ripped off by a stranger at a time in your life when you're most vulnerable, it's far from entertainment.