Dating Coach: Overcome Dating Insecurities
Does the thought of going on another date make you want to hide under your covers?
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6 Dating Gremlins & Goblins To Conquer This Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, this dating coach explains how your intimacy fears can act like spooky gremlins and goblins, keeping you from finding love. The bright side? You can control your inner thoughts and kill those pesky negative monsters! Take THAT, boogeyman!

How to Find The Perfect Catch

How to Find The Perfect Catch

Christine Baumgartner of is a Southern California dating coach who is committed to helping people find their perfect catch. Unlike many love gurus who operate from the ungrounded aspect of the "law of attraction", Christine is grounded and practical in her approach. She created her coaching method based on principles that are geared towards results. For most singles the main reason they are still solo is because they are in their own way.

Dating Advice For Ladies With Unrealistic Expectations
Don't let a mile-long check list keep you from finding love.
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Waiting For Superman? Don't Hold Your Breath

"And they rode off together in to the sunset on a white steed..." WRONG: only Cinderella really gets a happily-ever-after (and her shoes were uncomfortable). Too many women ignore good dating advice, having unrealistic expectations of their Prince Charming, and that's exactly why they're still single.

Balance Your Career & Love Life
Balance love and work to have a fulfilling life.
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Balance Your Career & Love Life

In the modern era, keeping your personal and professional lives separate and intact proves itself as an overwhelming task at times. Couples need to make time for and respect one another, and this relationship coach will show you how with these helpful tips.

Foodie Date Ideas From A Dating Coach
A food festival or fair is a creative way to get to know someone better.
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The Best (& Worst!) Foodie Date Ideas

Dating is always an adventure, but when you add food, things can get a little crazy. Here, a professional matchmaker and dating coach shares ideas for low-key and delicious dates... and divulges a few of her client's wackiest stories.

Release Your Abandonment Issues & Meet Men
If you want to meet a great guy and settle down, you need to let go of your past traumas.
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To Meet A Loving Man, Believe That Men Are Loving

Ghosts from our relationships past can haunt us. It's time to acknowledge how we let old issues hurt new relationships — and how we view men in general. Don't let abandonment issues stop you from finding true love.

Dating Rules: How To Navigate A Dinner Date
"Don't freak out, but guess what I'm going to order?"
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Dating & Dining: Are The Old Rules Outdated?

First dates can be overwhelming, especially if they involve a meal. These modern dating rules outline what old tips have gone stale, and what advice you should definitely still be following. Play your cards right, and he'll be hungry for a second date!

Dating Coach Advice: Is My Boyfriend a Narcissist?
Clue #4: Narcissists fantasize about being powerful.
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4 Clues Your Partner Is A Narcissist

Narcissists can be demanding, angry, and unforgiving, but they often hide these traits well. Check out these four hints from a relationship and dating coach to see if your partner is a narcissist.