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woman waiting for call
Call waiting went out of style a long time ago. Waiting for a guy to call should too.
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Love Bytes: To Call Or Not To Call? That Is The Question

The date was great. The kiss that follows was even better. You're all smiles as you go your separate ways, but then ... nothin'. No phone call. No text message. Handsome McSmiles just vanished into thin air. What's up with that? Plus, singing orgasms sound like a good idea at first, but totally fail in practice ... as you'll find out from this video. It's all in our weekly roundup of love, sex and relationship news!

How To Meet New People With Charm As The Main Attraction
There is something about charming people that makes it all seem OK when they're present.
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5 Ways To Charm The Pants Off People

Have you ever watched certain friends or people that always manage to attract people no matter what? Whether it is the grocery store, the mall, or post office, people are intrigued and inclined to smile and speak to them. You know what? It's more than what's going on the outside. People like this have a special charm that is noticed, because of the positive vibes they give off. You have it in you too! Read the article and learn how to meet new people because of YOUR amazing self!

couple staring.
Can watching porn really hurt your love life?

Can Watching Porn Actually Save Your Relationship?

We've all heard about porn wrecking relationships but can it ever help them? From the secrecy that comes from the fear of being shamed to porn addiction, is it really possible that watching porn could actually lead to a healthy sex life?

happy couple piggy back ride
Is it piggyback rides?
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Man To Man: THIS Is The Number One Thing Women Want

You wanna know the most important thing I've learned about women? After years of relationships, friends with benefits-ships, drunk texts and friendzone imprisonments/escapes? The big secret? I know what women want. The number one thing they crave. The one thing that they have to have.

Relationships: How To Date Without 'Suffocating' A New Partner
In a relationship it's better not to get too clingy, too fast, but instead keep it cool.
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How To Date Without 'Suffocating' A New Partner

A new way for women to date that will significantly change their dating life: it sounds too good to be true, but it's real. It's called 'Relationship Lite' and it involves mastering the "take-it-or-leave it" attitude.