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Decoding His 9 Most Confusing Text Messages
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Decoding His 9 Most Confusing Text Messages

Men are not known for their ability to communicate well. Put two screens and at least a couple of feet between you, and what used to be difficult to decode is now practically impossible. You no longer need to fret over what his chatspeaking is saying, though. With a little bit of research and a whole lot of personal experience, I think I’ve translated at least part of his martian language. 1. "Hey"

Dating Advice: His Most Annoying Behaviors Explained
He's moody and doesn't want to talk. Just let him be.
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Decoding His 9 Most Annoying Behaviors

It's been said that men are from Mars and sometimes it feels like that is true. Relationship expert Coach Todd Reed decodes his oddest behaviors and let's you know what you can do to jive more seamlessly with your guy.

Age is just a number ... right?
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Welcome To Cougar Town: 7 Rules For Dating An Older Woman

Experience, smarts, and furniture that isn't milk crates are just a few reasons why guys might enjoy dating older women. And as women, we like that you're smart and mature enough to like those things. I asked my friends who have dated younger guys some of the lessons they wish they could bestow upon others. Turns out, many of the things they said could actually double as advice for the way you should behave with women of any age. But their kernels of wisdom are especially helpful if you're trying to figure out how to date older women.

Dating: The Right Time To Cancel Your Online Dating Profile
Relax! You only went on two dates.
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Help! How Do I Know If He's Just Not That Into Me?

Dating coach Sandy Weiner answers a clients question about whether a potential suitor is no longer interested because he is still signing into his account. Read on to see what Sandy has to say and why it's okay to keep your online profile, even after two magnificent dates.

woman and man looking at each other
Learn how to be smooth ... without being cheesy.
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Listen Up, Fellas: These 10 Pickup Lines Work

Pickup lines get a bad rep because there are just too many bad ones out there. People now use them more so to crack a joke than to actually try and make a move on someone because majority of them are cheesy, and not in a way that can be appreciated from a complete stranger. However there are a few pickup lines that you can use in order to break the ice and make you stand out.

Dating: How To Find A Boyfriend By Setting Goals
What do I really want in a life partner? Do I even want a life partner?
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Searching For Mr. Right? Consider Setting Goals First

The same way you know what you want when it comes to your perfect career, you've got to know what you want in a lover. Make your list of what, why, and how, and watch the love that's best for you become much more clearer. Manny Cosme explains.

Dating Fails: Falling Off The Dating Bike? Get Back On!
Bad dates will drain your energy! Time to refresh.
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How To Shake Off The Disappointments Of Dating Fatigue

Dating is fun at first, but when you finally reach the point where you actually want the pleasure of a true love, it can be quite discouraging. It can sometimes seem as if the perfect guy is merely a figure of your imagination. Read on to learn how you can recharge your life when dating fatigue has you down.

couple in love
Remember, your first commitment is always to you!
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The 5 Do's And Don'ts Of Commitment

Do you know that you can trigger a man's desire for commitment? Learn how to create that feeling of "you're the only woman I want" with these five relationship guidelines.

couple rejection
Handle yourself with grace and dignity and you will become a magnet for your soul mate.
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No Whimps Allowed: Handling Dating Rejection With Grace

Dating and rejection, these two words often seem to go hand-in-hand. It is just part of the equation. Chemistry is not something that can be predicted. So even if the date goes well, that romantic spark might not be there. Matchmaker Marla Martenson explains what to do when it goes sour.

Dating Coach: What Topics Should You Avoid On The First Date?
The first date should be fun, so enjoy yourself!

What Topics Should You Never Discuss On The First Date?

YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman is joined by relationship experts Marla Martenson, Carin Goldstein, Jen Duchene and Kelly Rudolph to discuss the different topics that shoud be avoided on a first date. Your list of medications? Skip that convo. Childhood abuse? The first date is not the time for that talk.