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From Washington, D.C. to San Francisco, the best cities for singles.
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25 Best Cities To Find A Date In 2012

For singles the new year means a new year of opportunity to find the perfect partner, or at least a few quick flings. But location can be as important as anything for finding that just-right mix of attractiveness and chemistry.

6 Ways To Have A Sexy New Year's Eve
It's almost 2012!
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6 Ways To Have A Sexy New Year's Eve

It's a holiday associated with champagne and kisses, so New Year's Eve is bound to bring a bit of festive flirtation to the end of your month. If you are hoping to celebrate with a racy date that steps outside your regular routine — then look no further.

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Who are you kissing on New Year's Eve?
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The Perfect New Year's Eve Kiss Lasts For...

A recent star-packed movie (you know, the one with more celebrities than rehab) tell us that anything can happen on New Year's Eve. For most, however, the endless possibilities for the last night of the year aren't a top priority. Rather, the perfect kiss is.

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Ladies, Wall Street should never occupy your pants.
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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date A Finance Guy

I've been on a few dates with guys who work in "finance" — as in, they can't explain to me in 10 words or less what it is exactly that they do with all those numbers and dollar signs all day long. I'm always initially attracted to them because of the way they can rock a suit, a la Barney Stinson, and how they exude so much confidence and purpose in what they do. But as soon as that tie is loosened and that second Jack-and-Coke is dry, their horns come out.

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A few of my favorite indie songs about love.
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Angry Single Blogger: The 10 Best NON-LAME Love Songs Of 2011

It seems that my opinion on how important music is to a relationship and how my taste in music is far superior to most people's has ruffled some feathers. So, in an effort to help those poor Lady Gaga, Coldplay and Justin Bieber fans out there, I'm doing them a favor by offering my 10 favorite love songs... that aren't mainstream and lame.

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A truly great date can enhance your relationship at any stage.
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Have You Been On A Great Date Lately?

Have you been on a great date lately? A truly great date is all about connecting with your partner, feeling closer and enhancing your relationship. The sex-advice site Good in Bed believes that "sometimes it takes extra effort to maintain a romantic relationship." To find out more about your romantic habits, they're launching a new survey on how you navigate "date nights" in your relationship.

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Express your love by cooking dinner together, going ice skating and more.
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7 Most Romantic Winter Date Ideas!

As the seasons change, so do your date options. Since the days of playful picnics or long walks on the beach are behind us, it's time to find ways to get romantic with your man when the weather outside is frightful.

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Where to meet eligible bachelors this December.
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Love Bytes: 8 Ways To Find A Date This Holiday Season

8 places to find a date this December. 5 reasons he's afraid of commitment. 9 TV shows with red-hot sex scenes. 10 ways to spend the holidays by yourself. How to date a friend's ex. 3 common sex problems. One woman's fight with sex addiction.

Get ready for the dating scene.
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4 Steps To Becoming A Hotter Date

So you've started dating again and it's time to find that inner hot woman inside of you. Especially after a breakup this is a really hard thing to do and takes a lot of effort and motivation. Let us tell you a secret — it is within you. Here's some of our top tips on how to be a hot woman while online dating.

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A survey of singles' holiday habits, just in time for Thanksgiving.
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Are You Bringing A Date To Your Thanksgiving Dinner?

Pretty soon, we'll all sit around a table with loved ones, break bread and share what we are most thankful for this year. But as the season kicks off, there are some stresses that we don't feel grateful for -- like the challenge of dating during the holidays.