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Choosing Battlestar Galactica Over A Boyfriend

Choosing Battlestar Galactica Over A Boyfriend

In years following my last serious relationship and tortured breakup, I became an online dating veteran. For two years, I went on countless first dates, a handful leading to a second, none leading to romance. I shed no tears about these strike-outs, having already found plenty of substitutes for love. The painful end to the long-term relationship led me first to the glory of take-out and then to television, culminating in renting DVDs of the Sci Fi show Battlestar Galactica. For me, there was no higher paradise than sitting on my floor, eating Ethiopian take-out, and watching my characters go through their torrid emotional ups and downs (while I, coincidentally, experienced none). Little did I know then that watching Battlestar Galactica would, in part, spell the end of my online dating career.

Dating A Golddigger
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Dating A Golddigger

Six months ago, I was laid off from a job I loved and a salary I really loved. I left with a nice little pile of severance and had accumulated a substantial 401K. But I was single. It makes a difference, it turns out.


4 Dating Deal Breakers

  Got a question? Ask it now at   "I went out to dinner with this really great guy. I thought we had a good time, but he told me he thinks we're not a good fit. What gives?" -Alecia, Michigan   Got a question? Ask it now at "I went out to dinner with this really great guy. I thought we had a good time, but he told me he thinks we're not a good fit. What gives?" -Alecia, Michigan

couple with blindfold
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Dating In The Dark: The First Episode

Here's how the first episode of Dating in the Dark went down. Three single men. Three single women. They meet for the first time in the dark, all sitting at a conference table. Each single makes first impressions of his or her dating options based on voices, accents (there were a few foreign, Australia and England, in the mix) and question responses.


Date Movies Men Like [VIDEO]

Our 5-man panel sounds off on their favorite date movies. YourTango is your source for smart talk about love, sex, dating and relationships. Whether you're married, single, taken, engaged or "it's complicated," check out our videos for the best love and relationship news, entertainment and advice. Twitter: Facebook: | Smart Talk About Love Distributed by Tubemogul.

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Will Having Sex Make Him Want To Date Me?

Are you interested in a guy emotionally and physically, and wondering if having sex is the way to get him to stick around? YourTango has you covered. America’s Love Experts Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal are here to answer your relationship questions. They agree that having sex with someone to get them to date you isn’t the greatest idea.

kelly clarkson
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Don't Want To Hook Up? Kelly Clarkson Can Help

Kelly Clarkson is known for a lot of things—winning the first season of American Idol; having multiple number one hits; starring in the dreadful From Justin to Kelly. However, according to her official website and Facebook page, Ms. Clarkson might become known for something else—rejection. Miss Independent recently launched the "I Do Not Hook Up hotline"—an aptly titled phone service that not only promotes the singer's latest single but also gives us all an easy out from any uncomfortable dating situation. The number, 973-409-3267, appears as harmless enough digits and could easily be a number from North Jersey.

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The Scourge That Is Couples Skating

Couple skating is the willful act of ignoring friends in favor a new relationship. It's something that we all do and should be somewhat ashamed of. Sure, you're way into each other but you've known these friends since way back when and they deserve not to be neglected. Out dating advice is to follow the bro code and keep the love alive for your BFFs.

military husband stay at home dad
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A Day In The Life Of A Stay-At-Home Dad

When you picture a military couple, one going off to fight a war, and the other taking upon the role of the stay at home parent, society typically envisions the man going off into battle and the woman staying home to raise the children. But with nearly 20 percent of the Air Force consisting of women, men are quickly learning the challenges of being a stay at home parent. And with the military, dads aren't forced to take care of their children on their own from 9 to 5 but rather for months at a time while their wives are away on leave.

couple in rain
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Top 4 Rainy Day Dates for Couples

Rainy periods can seem neverending. When the pelting rain continues on into the weekend it can be a nice excuse to laze around and stick indoors. But be sure not to shun the one you love. Instead make the most of the misty, romantic rainy days and cozy up to your date with one of these top four rainy-day date ideas.