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Are You Getting Enough “Quality Time”?

Are You Getting Enough “Quality Time”?

Pinkee here~ I know “quality time” is a cliche that people make a lot of jokes about, but I’ve recently rediscovered how important it is to a relationship. I noticed I was getting more critical of my partner for what seemed like the little stuff.

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6 Relationship Tips Your Mother Got Right

How do you react when your mother gives you advice about your relationship? Kate Reardon set up so that we could all benefit from mothers' advice, even if those mothers are not our actual relations. The second book of tips from the site is called Your Mother Was Right: All The Great Advice You Tried To Forget, here are a few Reardon's favorite relationship tips:

No Time for Date Night?  Try a Mini-Date and Keep the Passion Burning
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No Time for Date Night? Try a Mini-Date and Keep the Passion Burning

“Days blur together in whirlwind of work responsibilities, household chores, parenting projects, and social obligations. Before I know it, a week has turned into a month and I can’t remember the last time we spent real quality time with each other.” Does this sound familiar to you? If so then you are not alone. This is a common complaint among couples and one that never seems to be easily solved. Like most marriage therapists I recommend date night for every couple at least twice a month, if not weekly. It’s an invaluable habit to form but I realize that suddenly finding a few hours in your week for date night is often unrealistic- at least as a short-term solution. So I offer you 7 mini-dates to help you rev up your love life and reconnect with your partner NOW. Text Message Flirting-

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The Summer Date Movies We Can't Wait To See

Now that summer's coming, we can say goodbye to coats, colds, hay fever, and best of all, spring's notoriously bad movies. Iron Man 2 came out a couple of weeks ago, marking the beginning of summer's crop of blockbusters. As much as we all love our outdoor summer dates, we've got to admit that it's nice snuggling up inside a darkened, air-conditioned theater when the humidity gets too hot to handle. Here are our summer movie picks for 2010

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How To Wear Red Lipstick

For a date night out or a sexy night in, nothing beats the look of a classic red lip worn with confidence and a smile. Think you can't pull off it off? Think again. Follow the easy steps below for a perfect cherry pucker.

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How To Save Your Marriage

We’ve been married for 13 years and during this time we’ve learned that just about everything we’ve expected from love and marriage is the opposite of our actual lives. We’ve discovered there’s no such thing as happily-ever-after so we’ve opted for the more realistic “ever after.” We may not be blissed out every minute of the day, but in our “ever after,” we're raising a kid together we madly adore, we’re cracking each other up, and as far as we can tell there isn’t anyone else we’d rather spend our lives with. It’s in this spirit of lowered expectations that we’d like to share a few of things we’ve gleaned from our relationship.

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4 Ways Employers Could Help Our Relationships

What if our employers catered to a shattered relationship like they did the flu? What if a philandering boyfriend or husband was treated like a heart attack, and your boss not only encouraged time off but shuddered at the thought of returning at less then 100 percent. In an ideal world, our employers could help our relationships stay healthy and strong.

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4 Sexy Date Night Perfumes

It's no secret that scent is a powerful weapon when it comes to getting close. So get even closer with our top picks for date night fragrances, from the best perfume to pair with slinky lingerie and a night in, to the first date scent that's effortlessly sexy.