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Asos Soft Shorts With Scallop Hem
The casual short gets a classy makeover in this scalloped style from Asos.
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Short Thing: Get Leggy In These Flirty Briefs

Who says skirts have all the fun? From a seemingly never-ending spectrum of denim styles to the big "skort" comeback, this season offers a different short style for every day (or date) of the week. Read on for tips on how to wear some of our most trusted trouser trends.

happy couple
Of course you love spending time with the kids, but you also need to bond alone.
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4 Smart & Free Ways To Get One-On-One Time With Your Husband

If you're financially sound enough not to bat an eye for a nice dinner out and paying for a sitter, more power to you. But if you're like me, you're always looking for creative and inexpensive ways to create that alone time, like these ideas!

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Cheers! The party starts tonight.
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Happy Dos De Mayo! Here's How To Get The Fiesta Started Early

When you found out Cinco de Mayo fell on a Monday (again) you probably packed away your maracas and sombrero for the season and walked right past the limes at the supermarket. But just when you thought the holiday was doomed, the Most Interesting Man In The World came up with the perfect solution —Dos de Mayo.

Make Her Feel Special: 6 Suggestions for a Perfect Date Night

Make Her Feel Special: 6 Suggestions for a Perfect Date Night

Making each night out together something special takes effort. Planning ahead can make you seem the suave master of romance but knowing what will make the night special will be memorable for both parties involved. So when you've got that special someone, and you want to make them feel special with a night out on the town here are a few ways to do so in style. Be Silly With Them

spring braids
One must-try? The braid!
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7 Days, 7 Spring Beauty Trends To Try This Week

Are unpredictable spring weather patterns putting a damper on your beauty routine, and dating life? Make him see clearly (even if the rain isn't gone), while boosting your own spirits, with the season's most attention-grabbing trends all in a week's work).