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Valentine's Day
Creative Valentine's Day date ideas.
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10 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas (No Dinner & A Movie!)

Dinner and a movie is a popular dating routine for a reason: It's got entertainment, nutritional value, and you don't even have to talk for half the time. But just in case you're looking for a different kind of date, something a little more unique, we compiled a list of 10 creative date ideas that are affordable, easy, and memorable.

Valentine's Day romantic date
Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to spice up your relationship.
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8 Non-Boring Valentine's Day Date Ideas

I don't love the whole Valentine's Day shtick — candy hearts, forced romantic dinners and such. Every couple has their own personality, so why not do something that fits you and expresses your love rather than conforming to some cookie-cutter ideal? Plus, this way you can use Valentine's Day as an excuse to cross some items off your "couple bucket list."

Make A Date For The Couch
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Make A Date For The Couch

Today’s couple building assignment is to snuggle on the couch for an evening and talk, without turning the TV on. This positive interaction will especially fill the love tank of anyone who has “Quality Time” as a primary Love Language. When children enter the picture, it’s very easy for the couple relationship to morph into a sort of business partnership.

happy winter couple
Don't let the winter months take a toll on your relationship.
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10 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues Together

January and February don't have the happiest reputations, as far as months go. The short days and cold nights, the post-holiday hangover, the fact that summer is such a long time away... This can all take a toll on your relationship if you're not careful. The good news: There are many fun, easy ways to inject some fun into your relationship in the winter and keep from getting bored.

holiday hearts
Express your love by cooking dinner together, going ice skating and more.
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7 Most Romantic Winter Date Ideas!

As the seasons change, so do your date options. Since the days of playful picnics or long walks on the beach are behind us, it's time to find ways to get romantic with your man when the weather outside is frightful.

10 Restaurant Ideas to Help Your Relationship Grow Stronger

10 Restaurant Ideas to Help Your Relationship Grow Stronger

You’ve heard it before: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” While men all over the world ”eat up” this saying, what they forget is that food is a major way into a woman’s heart, too. More to the point, couples who share a mutual love of food form stronger bonds with each other. Statistics show that 75% of Americans eat out at least once a week, so why not spend that meal with your special someone? Here’s a list of restaurant genres that should be on every couple’s food forecast:

crazy stupid love steve carell julianne moore
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Crazy Stupid Love: A Solid, YourTango-Approved Date Movie

Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone make an irresistible team in this winner of a rom-com. Throw in a funny and original script, add a dash of Marissa Tomei and Kevin Bacon, and layer on a few endearing newcomers, and you have a film that almost anyone can enjoy. So...can we say "good date movie?"