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Think Outside The Cafe: 5 Creative First Date Ideas [EXPERT]
Are you tired of boring first dates?
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Think Outside The Cafe: 5 Creative First Date Ideas

The secret to having great dating experiences is to make each and every date an adventure. A memorable, enriching event that gives you the chance not only to explore possibilities with a new prospective partner, but also to engage in an activity that will be inpiring and worthwhile, whether the person you're with is a keeper or not.

playing tennis
"Life is like a game of tennis. The player who serves well seldom loses."
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Study Says We Prefer 'Players': 29 Most Playful Dates

A new study on play and relationships has found that playfulness may be key to attracting a significant other. Among the survey participants (ages 18-26), three traits stood out as topping their lists of traits they sought in a mate: "sense of humor," "fun-loving," and "playful."

Top 5 Ideas For An Unforgettable Romantic Rendezvous

Top 5 Ideas For An Unforgettable Romantic Rendezvous

From finding the perfect settings to paying extra attention to the details that set the mood, planning a romantic date is almost an art. Because a date traditionally implies enjoying intimate moments with your better half, most of us consider that taking our loved ones to dinner and a movie is usually enough to knock them off their feet.

couple bored
Are you bored in your relationship? The Internet can help. No, not in THAT way.
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3 Ways Technology Can Help Beat Your Relationship Rut

As someone who's in a new relationship, I'm a firm believer in the so-called "honeymoon stage": when every date feels like the first, every kiss gives you butterflies and everything seems perfect. But I've been warned that life after the honeymoon stage isn't always a picnic, especially when it comes to keeping things creative.

couple summer
"I feel so freeeeeeeeeeeee."
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Love Bytes: 6 Sexy & Inexpensive Summer Date Ideas!

Having a fun summer love life. How her dude helped her get her financial act together. What we can learn from... sluts. They stole her golden vibrator. Why you shouldn't get back together with your ex. How to get over a terrible date. Should you snitch on a cheating relative? Some dating advice for widows. And more...

How To Plan Dates On A Budget [EXPERT]
Splurge in your love for each other!
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How To Plan Dates On A Budget

One of the many services I offer to my clients is a monthly conference call. During one of these recent calls, we discussed money and dating, but more specifically, how income levels affect dating practices. Money really helps determine what you can do on a date. Someone with a solid income will probably be more willing and able to spend a greater amount of money than someone who is trying to get on solid financial footing. 5 Signs You Are A Dating Snob

couple camping
Go on a camping day trip with your guy for a fun Memorial Day date.
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12 Creative Memorial Day Date Ideas

Ah, Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer and the promise of sun-drenched days and long, hot nights. Time to grab your honey and your sundress to make some lasting memories!

Are You A Good First Date? [EXPERT]
Where do you rank when it comes to making a good first date impression?
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Are You A Good First Date?

Let's analyze your most recent first dates. Go ahead, take a plunge into your calendar these past twelve months and make a list, rating each on a 1-5 scale, with one being milquetoast and five being magical. We're doing some research here to determine the answer to the question: how good of a date are you?

kentucky derby girl
It's almost time for the Kentucky Derby! Get your huge hats and Mint Juleps ready!
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3 Racy Kentucky Derby Inspired Dates!

With May just around the corner, we are dusting off our silk gloves and delicate hats in preparation for the Kentucky Derby. If you are like us and will not have the pleasure of watching the races live this year, fear not. There are plenty of ways to bring the rowdy Derby fun to your dating life.

Spring Fever: 3 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas
What's your ideal spring date?
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Spring Fever: 3 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas

With the scent of spring in the air, single people everywhere are starting to feel a familiar itch. No, it's not allergies — it's the itch of longing for a relationship... or at least someone to go on a hot date with.

spring date
Grab your date and get outside!
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First Day Of Spring: 24 Warm-Weather Date Ideas

Happy Spring! As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, a whole new batch of date options are at our fingertips. So grab your Spring fling or longtime lover, throw on a colorful sun dress and a light scarf, and enjoy the warmer season with these outdoor date ideas.

couple spring date
It's (almost) springtime. Get outside and have fun!
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10 Best Spring Date Ideas

Spring is in the air, which means it's time to switch up your date style. Toss the fuzzy wool socks and Netflix addiction and get outside! Whether you're going on your first date or are in a long-term relationship, here are some fun date tips sure to bring pizzazz to your springtime.