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Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd
Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd shimmy up a pole during 'DWTS' rehearsal.
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'Dancing With The Stars' Romance Report & New Photos!

It's only week 2 on 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 16, and things are already heating up. While some dancing duos are behaving like perfectly platonic partners, other pairs are growing closer both in the rehearsal studio and when cameras aren't rolling.

Katherine Jenkins David Beckham
Did Katherine Jenkins and David Beckham have a thing?
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Did David Beckham Have An Affair?

We didn't even know this affair was a rumor ... but former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Katherine Jenkins is now denying reports she hooked up with David Beckham.

Pamela Anderson swearing men
The former 'Baywatch' star is saying no to guys
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Why Is Pamela Anderson Swearing Off Men?

A few things come to mind when the name Pamela Anderson is heard, but none of them include celibacy. However, according to People, the blonde bombshell has surprisingly announced: "I've sworn off men until November." Why the sudden change of heart?

Maria Menounos YourTango Exclusive
Maria Menounos Gets A Perfect Score On And Off The Dance Floor

Maria Menounos: A Perfect Score On & Off The Dance Floor

Earlier this week, "Extra" host Maria Menounos made headlines by nailing the first perfect score of the season on "Dancing With The Stars." She says she owes it all to her dance partner and coach, Derek Hough, but there's a quality about Menounos that leads us to believe if she wants something bad enough, she'll get it. Whether it's 10s across the board on the dance floor or a long-term, loving relationship, this girl makes it happen.

Dancing With The Stars 2012

Dancing With The Stars 2012

Finally!! Dancing With the Stars 2012 Season 14 Cast revealed today on Good Morning America and we have the complete list below: Jack Wagner – Star of General Hospital and Melrose Place and ex-fiance of Heather Locklear Melissa Gilbert – aka Laura Ingells on Little House and the Prairie See the full list here: 

What Men Really Think About You in the Club
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What Men Really Think About You in the Club

Men and women usually go to the club for vastly different reasons. Men go to the club to find women, find women, and to find women. Women go to the club to sometimes find a man, but also to enjoy themselves by dancing and drinking the night away with friends. Men are reactionary creatures. If you want to know what we think about you at the club, all you need to do is evaluate one thing: Your activity at the club. Men read what women give us to read. It’s as simple as that.

George Clooney
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Could It Be? George Clooney Gets Married... For A Commercial

One lucky Norwegian woman woke up with a big rock, a wedding dress, and George Clooney—yes, the eternal bachelor we've all been convinced would never marry again. Sadly, the made-for-television marriage is actually just an advertisement for the bank DnB NOR. But at least we get to see someone marry the silver fox, even if it is just acting!