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My Latest Boyfriend Is Just Like Dad

For most of my 15-year dating career, I went for Fledglings, Makeshift Men, pre-release beta tests of the fully formed adult male. I was drawn to men who were nothing like the soft-spoken, principled and straight-laced person who had been the dominant male presence in my life so far: my retired CPA father.

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Switzerland Opens Shelter For Divorced Dads

Thanks to a benevolent pastor's pilot project, newly-separated fathers living in Switzerland can have temporary shelter and a safe haven to recover from the trauma of their divorce. The shelter, which was opened by Andreas Cabalzar in late 2009, can house up to three fathers at a time. Cabalzar also designated two bedrooms for children of guests, who pay the equivalent of $166 per week to stay.

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I Don't Respect My Husband's Parenting Skills

One of the reasons I married my partner was because I believed he would be a great father. Now that we have a 2 year old, I am underwhelmed—and disappointed—by his parenting skills. It has really affected how I view him as a life partner and even how much I respect him as a person. What's the best way to turn things around?

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Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow for Parenting Advice

Our sister blog—Love Buzz—previously ran a number of Twitter Top 10 lists. Those lists told you who to follow for sex advice, dating advice and more. They cut out the riffraff and presented you with the awesome. Well. We thought it was about time that, here at LoveMom, we shared the goods on the coolest moms and dads on Twitter. Because—when it comes to parenting—we could all use someone to reach out to every once in awhile, even if it's only virtually.

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14 Year Old Asks About Love

Why won’t your 14 year old daughter talk to you? Why, when you’ve told her over and over if she has a question about sex, she should ask you, does she never do that? I’m browsing at one of my favorite bookstores, when I overhear a teenager ask, “Mom, can I get this book?” and the Mom says “What is it?” “Umm – just a book about love” the girl replies. “Love?” Mom says, “Why do you want to know about love? Do you have a boyfriend? You know you’re not supposed to have a boyfriend until you’re finished with school.” “Mom,” the girl replies, “I just want to know about it, I don’t want to do it.” “Don’t smart mouth me, young lady,” Mom snaps at her, “And we’re not getting that book – you want to know something, you ask me, or your Dad.”

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10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

He's the greatest man on earth, the reason you've always had such high standards where men are concerned. He's a protector, provider, and sometimes jokester, and for that there will never be anyone better. Except the father of your own children, who has oddly enough started spouting some of the old familiar "Dad-isms" he swore he'd never say. And so, in celebration of all the dads out there: our favorite dad-speak and what to get the dad who says it.

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Why One Dad Embraced A Reversal Of Gender Roles

Three years ago, my wife and I fled what we had hoped would be the idealistic suburban life. The idyll, however, was far from what we had hoped for. Now, I'm on nine months of paid parental leave with our 15-month-old son. I wouldn't call our arrangement a role reversal, exactly. Rather, we're co-parenting.

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Weddings: Should The Father Give The Bride Away?

The first thing you need to know is that Dan asked me to marry him while we were brushing our teeth. We had been together for almost 10 years at that point, living together for five, and we had plenty of people despairing as to whether we would ever get around to tying the knot. We finally settled matters after flossing. Big romantic gestures? Not our thing. We like to lie around eating ice cream straight from the container and watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia reruns. But then we jumped into planning mode for the wedding, a day that's supposed to be nothing but romantic moments and symbolic traditions. And even two cynics like ourselves couldn't help getting caught up in all the excitement. But when it came to walking being a bride and walking down the aisle, did I want my father to give me away?

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Woman With Daddy Issues Seeks Unavailable Man

My romantic relationships have all followed this same pattern: I am "not enough" for the other person's love. Sometimes I blindly pursue men who blatantly tell me I am not enough. One boyfriend told me I would be really hot if I was five inches taller, ten pounds lighter, had broader shoulders (what?) and was Irish. Still, I stayed with him for 18 months. By unconsciously seeking out unattainable/emotionally unavailable/married or simply not interested men, I can obsessively reenact my father/daughter dynamic in the vain hope that if I can convince said man to love and notice me, then surely my father will notice and love me too.

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Unlucky In Love? Blame Mom And Dad.

If, like us, you're always looking for somebody else to blame for your loneliness and breadstick addiction, it's a good news day for you. Two new studies show that not only are parents responsible for how you look, they may have a hand in whether or not you ever find true love.

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Are Mom And Dad Meddling With Your Love Life?

That's because, during his acceptance speech, the "proud" dad announced to the world at large that his daughters, Ayla Brown, 21, a former "American Idol" finalist, and Arianna Brown, 19, were "available."Of course Brown could do a lot more damage if allowed to go on at length—say, in a filibuster on the Senate floor—but the issue raises an even thornier question: Should your parents be allowed to intervene in your love life at all?

Does Divorce Make A Man A Better Dad?
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Does Divorce Make A Man A Better Dad?

If divorce is in the future of duplicitous two-timers Gov. Mark Sanford to reality TV's Jon Gosselin, these men will have to navigate co-parenting. However, a growing trend shows that many men become better parents post-divorce, to the surprise of ex-wives who find it difficult to grasp that a man who wasn't a good husband can indeed be a good father.