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One woman recalls her pivotal relationship with her father.

My Life Changed Forever The Day I Found Out My Father Was Gay

"Your dad is gay!" my friend spat out one day when we were in a fight. It was as if she were accusing me of something horrible. I was nine at the time. That night, I confronted my mother. "Heather said Dad is gay. He's not, right?" She paused—a long pause—that confirmed my worst fear. I felt betrayed. "How could my dad do this to me? And more importantly, what was I going to tell my friends?"

4 Father's Day Facts Every Daughter Should Know [EXPERT]
He isn't perfect, but he's yours.
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4 Father's Day Facts Every Daughter Should Know

An interesting phenomenon is that children don't stop loving their parents, so you might as well accept that you love your dad, regardless of his undesirable traits or actions. It'll be easier on you without that intense inner conflict. Here are four more facts for consideration.

Gavin Rossdale with son Kingston
Gavin Rossdale with his son, Kingston
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5 Parenting Lessons We Can Learn From Celebrity Dads

Even famous fathers admit that being a dad is the most important role they've ever had. Stars like Gavin Rossdale, David Beckham, Brad Pitt and more know that they're influencing the way their children see and experience the world as they grow up. It's a responsibility they take very seriously, and we can all learn a thing or two from their parenting styles in the spotlight. With Father's Day right around the corner, here are 5 important lessons we can learn from famous daddies.

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Are Men Today Really Irresponsible, Overgrown Adolescents?

If you were to scan the news headlines over the past few months, the primary message you would glean about men in America would be this: They are failing. Failing to become adults; failing to be financially independent; failing as fathers; failing as husbands. It’s enough to make a girl like myself throw her hands up in the air and vow to be single for the rest of her life. Yet, the more I read, the more I start to wonder: whose standards are we going by here? And what if all these statistics about men in their 20’s and 30’s living lives of self-indulgent abandon, delaying marriage, and being neglectful fathers aren’t nearly as black and white as they seem? What if there’s more going on beneath the surface, and what about all the men who don’t fall into those categories? The ones who are involved fathers, devoted husbands, and successful career men. Isn’t it high time we gave them a little bit of press?

Raising Healthy Kids Is Not Just A Mom-Job
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Raising Healthy Kids Is Not Just A Mom-Job

If you are a new dad, guess what? Research shows there is one thing you can do to bond with your new baby and make your marriage stronger? Change his diaper. Yep. Becoming a new father can be a daunting task, but there are ten things to keep in mind that will help you, your new baby, and your marriage...

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12 Famous Fathers' Quotes About Love

From funny to touching, dads can say the darndest things when it comes to love and marriage. Whether it's to give you advice or to simply tell you the story of how he met your mother (again), you're bound to gain some valuable insight. So in honor of Father's Day, we've compiled 12 famous fathers' quotes on love and marriage in the off chance your dad hasn't already given you an earful!

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Older Parents Struggle With Raising Teens

Still, like my friend, mid-life parents of teens can sometimes feel disadvantaged. They describe feeling isolated from other parents. They may lack the stamina and energy that they had when their older children were teens. Others feel out of touch with aspects of teen culture. And, maybe if they had more energy they would be more motivated to listen to the trending teen music, watch some of the teen reality shows.

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My Husband Cooks And I Watch Sports: Our Untraditional Marriage

Tonight I got off work and did a bit of grocery shopping with the family. Then we came home and I proceeded to sit on the couch, eat bean dip and watch the Heat play while my husband made dinner. Is it a little bit of role reversal? Maybe. But the thing is, in our house and in our marriage, traditional gender roles—mom and dad, man and woman—mean almost nothing. My husband does a lot of the housework, he does most of the cooking and he takes care of the boy when I'm at meetings or working late. And we are remarkably happy with this arrangement.

Neil Patrick Harris
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6 Coolest Gay Celebrity Dads

Being a parent is hard enough as it is, much less being a gay celebrity with kids. Ask anyone with children, and more likely than not they will admit being a parent isn’t easy. Now just imagine managing the stress of taking care of your child’s basic needs and nailing that Oscar role while finding the best surrogate mother possible or depending on the country, even fighting laws to have your marriage recognized in order to adopt.