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12 Animals Who Love Their Adorable Mini-Mes

Sometimes, we have to stop and appreciate the little things in life. Warm cookies, hugs from that special someone, and animal parents who love their babies. To that end, here are 12 fabulous animal parents lovin' on their wee ones, just because we love you and want to lighten your day.

This little guy is the new Christopher Columbus.
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Meet Our Crush Of The Week: Biddy The Hedgehog!

We love hedgies. These prickly, pointy-faced critters are becoming more and more popular as household pets. (But we knew they were cool all along — just consider us the hipsters of pets.) And while several of them have made us squeal in delight, this guy has earned a special place in our hearts.

Duke and Sophie, a match made in farm-heaven.
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German Shepherd And Piglet Form Loving, Unbreakable Bond

Wild Moon Organics Farm has a special scenario on its hands. This British Columbia farm, run by Richard Quiring, was the birthplace of Sophie, the runt of a litter of Berkshire pigs. The tiny pig was too small and weak to even get to her mother's milk, so Richard's son stepped in and nursed her back to health. But it was when Duke came in that the real magic began.

Brendan and his special buddy.
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This Dog's Love Song Will Melt Your Heart

Simply titled, "Song My Dog Wrote", Brendan Biondi's ode to the love he shares with his dog (sung through the dog's perspective) is a heart breaker. It starts off a little corny, but about 30 seconds in, you'll feel the tears start to come. Whether you're a dog lover or not, you don't stand a chance.

The adorable Lykoi!
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12 Reasons You Need To Start Loving A Lykoi, Stat

Have you heard of the Lykoi? No? Where have you been? This adorable new breed of cat is taking the feline world by storm. They may look a little funky, but underneath it all, the Lykoi (Greek for 'wolf cat') is a bundle of love, ready to bring joy into your life. We have here just 12 of the many reasons you need to start loving a Lykoi immediately.

Could you say 'no' to this face? Photo: Flickr, wwarby.
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13 Reasons Otters Make The Best Boyfriends, Bar None

Forget owls and dogs. We've found a new winner for the title of Best Boyfriend: otters! These cuddly little sea-dwellers are too cute and ready for your love. From the tips of their noses to those funky tails, these guys are the clear winners in the race to be the best boyfriend.

12 Reasons Pitbulls Are Really Big Bundles Of Love
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12 Reasons Pitbulls Are Just Big Bundles Of Love

Pitbulls get a bad rap. They've been branded vicious, wild animals, but there's actually nothing scary or aggressive about them by nature. When raised right, pitbulls are among the most loyal, loving dogs out there. Here are 12 reasons why you should take the time to raise them with love and care. You won't regret it!

Love: 10 Most Romantic Animals Of All Time
Kissy face!
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10 Most Romantic Animals Of All Time

Humans aren't the only creatures capable of romance. The animal kingdom is full of romantic moments. From monkeys to tigers to one very confused bunny and fawn, we've got the cutest, cuddliest, most romantic animals of all time.

20 Dogs Who Are Madly In Love
A smooch makes everything all better.
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20 Dogs Who Are Madly In Love

Don't you just hate it when a dog has a cuter love life than you? I know, happens to me all the time. But these pups are so adorable that it doesn't matter! Check out these 20 dogs who are madly in love with each other.