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My Husband Treats Me Like A Maid

My husband and I recently celebrated our 20 year anniversary. I bought my husband a small gift and when I ask what he got me- he told me I was not worth getting anything. This really hurt, my husband does not show any kind of affection or consideration for other people's feelings. When he is confronted he just replies "You knew this when you married me." But this is the least of the problems: he refuses to "man up" and be a father to his two boys- the older one is about to graduate from high school and constantly is getting in trouble and my youngest son is in his early teens. My husband talks down women in general and my older son has learned from this and absolutely hates any kind of authority especially from women. I can't talk to him because he acts and says everything just like my husband- he is an exact clone of my husband!! When I ask my husband for help with the kids, he says I am shitting on him by telling him my problems with the kids and to just leave him alone. I really can't go on living like this. I feel like I am a maid and a sex toy not a wife. Any advice would be very helpful.

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Traditional Love

Pop Culture Vs The Pulpit: How I Decided Premarital Sex Was Wrong

As a teenager, I had secretly assumed that many of these restrictions were out-dated and unnecessary, thus I decided to try and intellectually prove that premarital sex fit into that category. Over a period of months, whenever I had free time I would dive into the index of my Bible and search for all the verses that said anything at all about sex. I read over them carefully, searching for a loophole—some fact, some story, some statement that I could pluck up and use as my justification.

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Dear Wendy, Should I Take On A Sugar Daddy?

I met this guy who proposed that he basically become my sugar daddy in exchange for sex. I told him I was into friends with benefits sex with no strings attached for free, but he told me he likes to spoil women. I don't think there is anything wrong with this and it actually excites me. He really wants to buy me things because he wants me so bad. I would give him sexual pleasure without the gifts, but is it crazy to take his gifts too? I'm looking for a no-strings-attached sexual relationship now anyway, but this one comes with perks. He offered me $75 for a pair of my used panties one morning. Do you think anything is wrong with this? He's professional and sane, but doesn't have time for a girlfriend — according to him. Regardless, I don't want to be anyone's girlfriend right now anyway. Am I crazy for doing this or should I just be living it up?

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Community Spotlight: You're Showing Too Much Skin

Do you consider you underwear choice when and if you go to church? This week YourTango users were especially fired up over a Traditional Love post asking if men are to blame for having "impure" thoughts or should women—particularly scantily clad women—take some responsibility? The latter thought is what leads to dress codes in institutions and even across cultures. As you might have guessed, men and women had different opinions. YourTango user btoenges related:

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We Stopped Having Sex For God

I'm a guy who really enjoyed his (soon to be) wife. But I felt like I was supposed to stop having sex with this woman. My prayers went something like this: "Really God? That's what you want me to do? But we're getting married in just a couple months. What's the big deal about it? Isn't getting married enough? Why do we need to stop having sex?" I never got up the courage to pray about moving out. I was afraid of what the answer might be.

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Why Happy Marriages Produce Happy Kids

Much of how we do family is learned and passed down through the generations. Each generation either adopts what their family did, or goes to the other extreme vowing to do family vastly different than the previous generation. Either way, your past influences your present. And your present will influence your kids future. Creating a happy family involves maintaining a happy marriage. Here are six tips to follow. How great would it be to pass along a simple, loving, passionate, adventurous marriage to your future generations? It can be done, and it's easier than you think.

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Traditional Love

Links We Love: Bieber Vows To Remain Abstinent

This week was Valentine's week, and while we know you are so over it (so are we), the emphasis on love lingers and some of our favorite posts this week were Valentine's day posts. Although, we promise, there will be no mention of lingerie, chocolate or flowers, nor anything too adorable...well, besides Justin Bieber. Don't you just want to pinch his little cheeks?

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Why Smart Women Fail At Relationships

So yes, it was true, I was a mentally intelligent woman, but I was emotionally retarded. And as I looked around at many of my friends, I noticed a definite trend: beautiful and well-liked women with successful careers who constantly chose men that didn't treat them with the unconditional respect and love they craved and deserved. Which, of course, just like me, made them chase them, want them, and change for them more.

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Traditional Love

Who's Responsible For "Impure" Thoughts: Men Or Women?

This particular Orange County church was jam-packed every Sunday with twentysomething women who were young and tan and often sporting hip-hugger jeans. As all who wear them know, hip-hugger jeans can often result in precarious situations whereby a woman's unmentionables (i.e. thong underwear) have a tendency to creep out above the back waste line whenever she sits down. These unlawful appearances happened rather frequently during church services, and they did not go unnoticed by the young, twentysomething men who attended each week.

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The 5 Worst Bits Of Marriage Advice We Happily Ignore

Before we got married, my father in law paid for my husband and I to attend a marriage conference. This guesture was made purely out of love for us and out of a desire to have our marriage start on the best foot possible. But at the end of the conference, Dave and I had decided that the best part about the conference was eating at a steakhouse a few blocks away from the conference hotel. When you enter into marriage people are full of well-meaning advice. Friends, family, that nice lady at Target helping you with your registry. All of which we ignored and we don't regret it for a moment. Here are the top five peices of advice that we are glad we forgot.

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Traditional Love

Links We Love: Lingerie And Your Lover

As we wind down the first month of 2011, it appears that the biggest news in marriage is the celeb marriage tango. This week, Jesse James announced his enagement to everyone's favorite tattooed lady, Kat Von D, and Troy Aikman announced the end of his 10 year marriage. But don't worry, it's not all celebs. This week's round up has lingere, the history of marriage and yes, more celebs.

Links We Love: Hiding Money
Traditional Love

Links We Love: Hiding Money

I have to admit, I wasn't shocked this week to learn that 30 percent of people hide money from their spouse. I'm just suprised the number isn't higher. And yes, I am in that 30 percent. Although, I do use the money to buy little things for the house, so it works, right? RIGHT?! Plus, he knows about the money. But am I just rationalizing? Will this behavior lead to worse behavior down the road? What do you think?

6 Evolutionary Reasons for the Rise of Friends With Benefits

6 Evolutionary Reasons for the Rise of Friends With Benefits

Just as we saw the evolution of bigger beaks in Galápagos finches so they could break seeds for eating, we're seeing an evolution in how humans engage in relationships. Monogamy, unfortunately, isn’t natural for primates and mammals. When Natalie Portman's character in the upcoming movie, "No Strings Attached," said, "I think monogamy goes against basic biology," she was, unfortunately, correct.

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Traditional Love

Links We Love: Your Brain On Marriage

Every week that we can manage, Traditional Love brings you a round up of the best articles about love, traditional style. This week we're talking about your brain on marriage, party ideas for your lover, erasing your marriage past and so much more.

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Are "Engagementcations" Ruining Marriage?

"Engagementcations" are just another way to industrialize and commercialize what is already an over-commercialized and over-industrialized process. Couples don't need more stress and more expenses in their lives, especially when they're just getting started with their lives together. As much as the travel industry wants the "engagementcation" to catch on as a major fad, what's best for couples is not always the same as what's best for the wedding industry.

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Links We Love: Marriage, Groupon, And Porn

This week, the internet was all abuzz (or should we say atwitter?) about Groupon's first marriage proposal and that the Mormon's think that there are real benefits to waiting until marriage for sex. But you might have missed some even better posts about marriage and porn, getting your sexy on in your marraige bed and how to blanance your marriage and social media. You thought the last one was also going to be about sex, didn't you?