Why You Shouldn't Buy Her a Ring for the Holidays
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Why You Shouldn't Buy Her a Ring for the Holidays

by Marina Sbrochi, for GalTime.com   Hey, guys: Do you feel pressured by all the engagement ring ads you see on TV, billboards, radio and magazines?  If you don’t cough up two months' salary are you less than a man?  Is someone putting the high pressure on you to get her a ring for the holidays?  Are her parents giving you the stink eye every time you come over and don’t ask her father for her hand?

Cameron Mathison
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All My Children's Cameron Mathison On His "Ultimate Proposal"

Countless videos on YouTube can prove: when it comes to marriage proposals, these days, bigger is better. If, like me, you're a fan of watching spontaneous flash mobs break out into dance all in the name of love, then you're going to love Yahoo!'s new original show, Ultimate Proposal. The online reality series is helping ordinary men plan and execute the most extraordinary marriage proposals with the help of an expert team. Better still, it's hosted by hunky All My Children and Dancing With the Stars alum, Cameron Mathison.