She said yes at checkout lane #2! Photo: YouTube.com
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7 Proposal Locations That Are Both Bizarre & Beautiful

Since the advent of YouTube (and probably way before), people have been doing proposals in increasingly odd locations. Whether you enjoy seeing adorable couple videos or simply love to laugh at the eccentricity of these engagements, this list will make you smile.

Nerdy Marriage
Do you have a nerdy side? You'll love these marriage proposals!
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10 Super-Cute Nerdy Marriage Proposals

Think it's time to pop the big question? Your proposal doesn't have to be like everyone else's. There's nothing quite like letting your personality shine through while asking your significant other one of the most important questions of your life.

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Link Love: A 48-Carrot Marriage Proposal

Man proposes to girlfriend via dancing carrots. Is first-date sex a deal breaker? Sometimes our parents led interesting lives before we were around. Where does unconditional love really start? When unemployment and singlehood are a little too similar. What's up with bad boys anyways? And, when a husband would rather watch porn than have sex.