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Dating On Company Time Is OK

Lemondrop asks if it's OK to use work email for dating. Yes, yes it is. The problem with the office romance is abusing power. It's a slippery slope using the firm's (and personal) power and resources for romantic purposes. Feel free to date coworkers but be very leery of company policy and good, decent manners.

The New Hook-Up Hotspot? Work!

The New Hook-Up Hotspot? Work!

Office romance is on the rise— today, 47 percent of American professionals say they've dated within the workplace—and, say experts, it's also the latest, greatest place to meet a mate. But the changing landscape brings both increased perks and perils. While some companies see it as a way to positively affect work-life balance others are leery. There are a few things to know about before turning a work spouse into a real spouse or at least romantic partner.