Casey Kasem’s Younger Wife Ordered to Appear in Court

Casey Kasem’s Younger Wife Ordered to Appear in Court

The ongoing dispute between Casey Kasem’s kids and his younger wife (who’s their stepmother), Jean Kasem, has gone from a family feud to a full-blown war. Casey Kasem, 82, suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease, and his kids are claiming that his younger wife, who’s been married to the radio icon for 34 years now, is keeping him locked away from family and friends as he inches closer to his death.

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Fluke looks frustrated as she tries to present her opinions on contraceptives in court.
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Does Your Name Reflect Your Sexuality?

What do we do when we meet up with someone whose values are so opposed to our own? What about being curious as to why and how they made their decisions versus being judgmental? What about pondering their philosophy to come to a deeper understanding of another person's point of view, before condemning? Lastly, can we maintain civility and be polite regardless if we vehemently disagree?

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Sandra Fluke testifies on Capitol Hill regarding issues relating to contraceptives.
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Sandra Fluke & The Power Of Shame

The polarization of a nation over Sandra Fluke's testimony before Congress on the rights of every woman to have contraceptive insurance coverage has been more than ratings-grabbing rhetoric. While anyone has the freedom to agree or disagree with Fluke's position, the conversation has devolved into personal attacks, sparking major news articles everywhere. Sandra Fluke's very public battle to advocate for women while being personally attacked is a sad commentary on how far we haven't come in this society to protect the voice of women. Rather than cowering or raging, though, we can use this moment to take a look at our own lives...

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From DSK To Duke Lacrosse: Do We Charge Rape Too Quickly?

Why are prosecutors so quick to act on allegations of rape? So quick, it seems, that they often do so, especially in high profile cases, before they have a reasonable belief they can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt—the standard of proof required in a criminal case. When, as in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) and Duke Lacrosse cases, charges are brought prematurely and then dropped, it leads to a trial by pubic opinion. Did he do it? Did she lie? We may never know. That doesn't, however, stop people from taking sides and having strongly held beliefs about guilt or innocence.

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Michael Douglas Continues Court Battle With Ex

Don’t mess with Michael Douglas. If there’s one thing to take away from this story, it’s that Michael Douglas, much like his character Gordon Gekko, does not like to be screwed over. The actor who stars in the upcoming Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps may be undergoing chemotherapy for throat cancer, but he is not going to let that delay his court battle with his ex-wife, Diandra Douglas, who is suing him for the millions he’s estimated to make from the Wall Street sequel.

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Man Digs Up Woman For Sex

It's not easy being a 23-year-old virgin. Especially when you're a shy man who is into fairy tales. So explains Nicholas Grunke's defense attorney, Suzanne Edwards. You see, Grunke has been accused of trying to dig up the body of a dead woman in order to have sex with her.