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couple moving in together
Find out the #1 thing couples wished they had discussed before moving in together.
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Ready To Move In Together? The 5 Things You Must Discuss First took a survey of renters to see, when it came to living together, what concerns popped up the most. While the majority of the respondents agreed that moving in together before marriage is the best choice, 18 percent felt that people should wait until they've tied the knot. If you're on the brink of the "Let's Move In Together!" chat, here are a few things you seriously need to talk about first.

couple with moving boxes
It's all fun and games until you start fighting for space on the bookshelf.

Is Marriage Worth It If You're Already Cohabiting?

Are there big differences between cohabiting and being married? If you're living together, you may assume nothing will change if you say "I do". This panel offers relationship expert advice about moving in and shacking up.

Couples: Can Too Much Sleep Be Bad For You?
Sleeping that extra hour feels amazing. Is hitting the snooze button worth it?
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Can Too Much Sleep Be Bad For You & Your Partner?

We already know — often from experience — that too little sleep can be bad for for our health and our relationships, but can too much sleep have the same effect? It seems so, according to new research.

i love you quotes
"I love you more than words can say."
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'I Love You' Quotes: 20 Ways To Say 3 Beautiful Words

I love you: Three words that can take weeks, months or even years to say. Also, three of the most beautiful words a person can utter or hear. We dug around for 20 love quotes from poems, books, movies and songs that are just as powerful as the phrase itself. We know 'I love you' isn't always easy to say, so maybe these lines will help you get the ball rolling...