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As the spouse of a firefighter, one of my main duties is to keep curiosity at bay.

A Year After Hurricane Sandy, A First Responder's Wife Reflects

Batteries line the kitchen counter next to several flashlights. My husband, Jim, places several matchbooks in my hand in an act of love, instructing me to use them sparingly over the next 24 hours that he'll be gone, then kisses my forehead and makes his way out the front door. A severe storm is on its way, but none of us have any idea what Hurricane Sandy has in store for us.

Couples: Can Too Much Sleep Be Bad For You?
Sleeping that extra hour feels amazing. Is hitting the snooze button worth it?
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Can Too Much Sleep Be Bad For You & Your Partner?

We already know — often from experience — that too little sleep can be bad for for our health and our relationships, but can too much sleep have the same effect? It seems so, according to new research.

Relationships: What Guys Really Think Of Your Best Friend
"It's hard knowing what girls share and what they keep private," says Phil, 25
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What Guys Really Think … Of Your BFF

Does a failing friendship between the two most important people in your life mean you're doomed or is it totally acceptable for these two to just … get along? Should your beau and your best friend be as inseparable as you two are? We took to the guys to find out how important the relationship really is.

Elderly Couple Vacation: Romantic Activities to Do in Las Vegas

Elderly Couple Vacation: Romantic Activities to Do in Las Vegas

Romantic getaway is not just for younger couples. It does not have any age requirement to be able to enjoy a vacation with your special someone. For senior couples, traveling is a perfect time to rekindle the spark of the relationship. Heading out to a romantic destination and spending quality time with your loved one can reignite the feeling of being in love.