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Freedom To Marry Brings New Pressures To Gay Community

Honey Davenport was in character, performing his usual set at a Manhattan drag bar. Clad in a rainbow leotard and platform heels, he took a swig of his drink and ripped off his wig—sweaty and exhausted from the hourlong performance. Suddenly cheers erupted: New York's state legislature had legalized same-sex marriage, and on the eve of gay-pride weekend. Davenport's boyfriend made his way to the stage and got down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" he asked.

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Do Men Want Relationships More Than Women?

Women have always been thought of as the ones more focused on relationships, but new research suggests that the roles may actually now be reversed. In a study conducted by the dating site, 47 percent of men wondered whether there was relationship potential after the first date. In contrast, 50 percent of the women surveyed thought only about whether they wanted to see the man again after going out with him once.

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Couple Caught Kissing During Riot—Who Are They?

The photos and videos from the Vancouver hockey riots, after the hometown Canucks lost the Stanley Cup last week, are chilling. They give a pretty good indication as to just the kind of violence and disorder that took place that night. What they also reveal is an oddly timed kiss shared between a young couple on the ground amid all the chaos. Who knew public disorder could be so romantic? Turns out the kiss was more for consolation than romance...

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Why Being Married Doesn't Make You A Relationship Expert

These days, it's confusing to know who to take relationship advice from. On one end, you've got thrice-married Steve Harvey selling books in lines so long I'd swear they're giving government cheese with every hard copy sold. Then you have perpetually single men and women who claim to be "relationship" coaches, but might just want to stick to little league softball. And the last, and perhaps most obnoxious group, is one that I belong to: the "I's married so you just need to listen to what I say!" crew.

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Jumping To Conclusions

Why Jumping To Conclusions Can Hurt Your Relationship “Hi Babe, I just wanted to check up and say hi. Call me back when you get a chance.” “Hi, it’s me again. You haven’t called me and I don’t know where you are. Can you call me back?” “OK, it’s been two hours, you obviously don’t care enough to call back, so FORGET IT. HAVE A NICE LIFE.” Sound familiar?