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Men Think Discussing Relationship Problems Is A Waste Of Time

Trying to get your guy to tell you what's bothering him? Wondering why he doesn't seem interested in hearing about your horrible day? Don't worry, ladies: It's not that your boyfriend doesn't care or that he's trying to seem strong. According to a new study, it's just that most males think discussing problems is a waste of time.

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Living With Your New Boyfriend May Be Bad For Your Kids

Divorce rates are finally dropping, but that doesn't mean people are forging stronger family units. With fewer people getting married these days, the number of kids living in households with two unmarried parents is on the rise. And, according to new research released today by the National Marriage Project and the Institute for American Values, that may be as bad for kids as dealing with a parent's divorce.

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8 Things You Can't Do Once You're A Married Woman

One of the greatest things about being single, and something married women sometimes miss, is having the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want wherever and however you please. Marriage can be wonderful, but it does come with boundaries. #OnceYouGetMarriedYouCant is trending on Twitter ... What a great time to take a look at some newlywed don'ts.

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Scientists Say You Shouldn't Be Friends With Your Man's Friends

A recent study published in the American Journal of Sociology has found a link between erectile dysfunction in older men and friendships between their partners and male friends. Described as "partner betweenness," this phenomenon occurs when the female partner has stronger relationships with her hubby's friends than he does, effectively coming between him and his friends.

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What Happens After A Couple Loses Their Fame?

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag—the whoriest of the famewhores, the most promotional of the promosexuals, the couple that took Paris Hilton's famous-for-nothing vocation and turned it into a winking, nonstop enterprise—are careful to say that they have no regrets. Living a fake life for the sake of cameras worked for them for years. Until it didn't.

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Complete This Sentence: I Knew It Was Meant To Be When...

Is there such a thing as "The One?" Regardless of your belief (or lack thereof) in a soul mate, you have to admit that there was a moment when things just felt "right" between you and your partner. If you're happily in love, tell us about what triggered that feeling in you. Was it love at first sight, or did it require a written list of pros and cons? Did it strike you in the middle of the night? Did that feeling develop after you'd weathered a few storms together? Or were you only sure once you'd received counsel from friends and family?

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How To Fight Fair With Your Partner

How we fight sometimes says more about us than how we got into a fight in the first place. Living a conflict-free life, especially with a loved one, sounds nice but in reality is impossible. Not only that, but it's unhealthy. Disagreements from time to time, if dealt with maturely and with the requisite kindness, can actually help to strengthen the bond between partners. And that's not simply due to the makeup sex phenomenon, a theme so commonly mimed in sitcoms and romantic comedies. Yes, fighting within a couple is normal. However, within each fight lies a potential minefield of insensitive comments and dirty tricks. Fights are only productive if done fairly. Here's a list of seven dos and seven don’ts to keep in mind when entering a tiff to make sure you’re fighting fairly. Following these rules could be the difference between making up and sleeping on the couch.

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Why Women Fall Out Of Love

Constant Criticism: It creeps into a relationship, eventually killing any warm and loving feelings a woman might have for her guy. The constant need to nit-pick and criticize every little thing she is doing "wrong" will usually a.) knock the wind out of her sails until she feels depleted and then b.), she is going to start caring less about putting any effort into the relationship until c.) she realizes she must protect herself and self esteem, and heads for the door. There really is something to be said for, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything."

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The Perfect Remedy For Marriage Malaise

Pamela Haag's description of the discontent in her marriage will elicit nods of understanding among many married couples. She describes hers as a low-conflict, high-functioning yet melancholy marriage. They are efficiently raising children. They are not fighting huge battles, and he's a "great guy," by all counts. But, it still feels like something important is missing. She says the majority of divorces in America each year are among unions like these: low-stress partnerships filled with a vague discontent. It's a semi-happy and stable marriage, but is that all there is?