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Jason Segel Emily Blunt in The Five-Year Engagement
Emily Blunt & Jason Segel in 'The Five-Year Engagement'
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Fiancé Fashion In "The Five-Year Engagement"

We know our personalities influence the way we dress, but does our relationship status have the same affect? It certainly seems that way in 'The Five-Year Engagement' – the romantic comedy currently in theaters starring Emily Blunt and Jason Segel. The story takes characters Tom and Violet through almost every type of love phase there is, and their styles change accordingly thanks to the work of Costume Designer, Leesa Evans.

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Halloween Heartbreak: I Painted Myself Blue To Get Him Back

For weeks, I'd been planning to dress as Smurfette. I couldn't admit to myself I only chose the costume because my ex-fling once mentioned it'd be cute. One of my summer dresses reminded him of the impish blue character. I never realistically thought he would come back to me. I wasn't even sure I wanted him to, but I did want him to regret his decision.


Are You Dressing Sexy This Halloween?

Every week, Lyz on Love brings you a round-up of news on love, relationships and other spicy stuff. This week, I'm talking about Halloween costumes. And really the main take away for this week is don't be a sexy nurse. Really, BE SOMETHING ELSE. When the Devil created Halloween, he wanted us to be more clever than just sexy nurse.

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The 7 Most Outrageous Wedding Stunts

Jeff and Erin's extravagantly geeky wedding invite has sent the Internet into a frenzy of "awwws" and proclamations of "EPIC WIN." Snail mail invites weren't a glimmer in this couple's eye; instead, they crafted a parody trailer that had them starring in every movie trope and genre imaginable. Their wedding trailer was such a hit that The Early Show joked that it would make Steven Spielberg jealous. We can only hope they do (and document) their wedding in equally epic style. In the meantime, we've compiled videos of some of our favorite wedding stunts for you to enjoy.

Lets Share Fantasies

Let's Share Fantasies [VIDEO]

Fred and Danielle have decided to spice-up their relationship by incorporating some of their fantasies into their sex life. Danielle will dress up in one of Fred's fantasies and Fred will do the same for Danielle. However, Danielle may not be prepared for what Fred has in mind.

Five Last-Minute Couples Halloween Costumes
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Five Last-Minute Couples Halloween Costumes

There are two ways to go with Halloween costumes. Over-achievers (and role-playing aficionados) go all out with fake blood, custom vampire teeth and the perfect shade of face paint. But if you don't have the time (or the will, or, let's face it, the cash) to create a masterpiece, go the easy but effective route: a pun costume. These costumes take minimal time and effort but make you look super clever. Below YourTango's five easy, funny (and punny) couples costumes.