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Bake Your Way Out Of Heartbreak

Since I've only had three serious boyfriends in my life, I can't really say I only become Betty C**ker when I have a breakup … because that would have only been three times. But I can say that every single time I get my feelings hurt by a man, which unfortunately is more frequently than I'd ever like to admit, I don't find myself in a carton of my favorite Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream. I find myself in the kitchen. My baking skills became more than just a way to ease my heartbreak; it became the best way to get back in the game and meet someone new.

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Is A Man Who Cooks The Ultimate Turn On?

All this time I had simply ignored the fact that Coop was this incredible cook, and that his cooking seemed to effortlessly delight women, while I was walking around the party like a mildly concussed Dane Cook. On my lonely cab ride home, it hit me: I needed a skill. Coop's skill. The next day I called him and asked him to take me under his wing.

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Male Take: Where To Meet Good Men

Where do you go to meet decent guys? The answer, of course, is not bars. Going to bars works for drunken hook-ups (and, hey, sometimes that might be what the Dr. ordered), but for something more promising, you need to be sober and talking to someone who isn't just out for a wasted romp. Here are five tried-and-true places to meet guys more likely to be good relationship material.

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5 Holiday Recipes To Cook Together

Cook together this holiday season! Here are five recipes you can make as a team: hazelnut butter cookies, cherry-orange-walnut rugelach, bourbon-pecan christmas bread pudding, herb-roasted Cornish game hens, cognac-herb gravy.

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Lover's Quarrel? Cook It Out.

You felt like a lucky woman that your husband offered to stay home while you went out and earned the dough, until you walked in on him chatting online with other moms as your kids are watching cartoons. Or you come home to find your unemployed boyfriend playing video games instead of vacuuming. Don't get mad, make quiche, says author of Eat Your Feelings: Recipes for Self-Loathing, Heather Whaley, who is all about emotional eating. This is what Whaley recommends you make for yourself when you are hating your S.O.

What To Eat After A Bad Date
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What To Eat After A Bad Date

Dating can be as thrilling as a roller coaster ride, giving you butterflies in your stomach and so much excitement that you briefly lose your sanity, but it can also make your stomach turn in a less pleasant way if your date turns out to be a rotten egg. In Heather Whaley's book, "Eat Your Feelings: Recipes for Self-Loathing," she explores the idea of cooking for life's not-so-kind moments. "Treat yourself right, with delicious, succulent, home-cooked comfort food," Whaley says.

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Cheap Date Idea: Cook From Scratch (You Can Do It)

The way to his heart is through his stomach. Short on funds? Ten tips for cooking on the cheap. "When it became necessary to cut back on my expenses, I was already cooking a few basic dinners a week. Now I take lunch to work, do takeout even less and watch my ingredient costs. Right now a lot of people are considering cooking to save money, and I'm pretty sure many are in the same boat as I was: starting from scratch skills-wise and cursed with a rarefied palate from so much eating out. Here are ten tips I learned along the way."

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Gender Roles Reversed: Stay-At-Home Husband

As I watched them work, I felt a thousand miles away from my staff job, and a million miles away from business as I knew it. It wasn't just a gender thing; I was seeing physical evidence of that tectonic shift we've all been reading about for years. The corporate office as safe haven from domestic reality is finally dying. Here are my pregnant wife and her friend, a newly single mom, venturing forth together into the wide world on the deck of a new business model. No doubt about it: this is Oz territory.

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The Phenomenon Of Engagement Chicken

We swear to God. Some women treat a marriage proposal like it's an ancient rain dance or some witchcraft-type of ritual requiring a full moon, a lock of hair, linens from Tibet, three lit candles and a stack of self-help books. We've suffered through The Rules. The Bachelor. Countless lady magazine articles. He's Just Not That Into You. But now they're bringing chicken into this. And lemons. Why?! Get thee to the kitchen! Engagement Chicken is on the menu tonight, and if you follow this recipe, some are saying that diamond ring is good as yours, my friend.