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couples tiramisu
Tiramisu, also known as "Tuscan Viagra"
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22 Best Recipes To Make As A Couple

Finally, the best recipes to cook as a couple are all under one roof. We've collected recipes from our staff, bloggers and website partners to compile a comprehensive list of recipes that lend themselves particularly well to a couple in the kitchen. From sweet to savory, these recipes are best enjoyed as a pair.

woman eating habits
Sometimes it's hard to go for the healthy option.

I'm On A Diet, My Boyfriend Loves Bacon: How We Deal

In January of this year, I began my love affair with vegetables. It started as a weight-loss mission; I was overweight and looking to dig myself out of the hole of shame that extra helpings of spaghetti and pints of ice cream had buried me in. I lost about 30 pounds. Then, as April came to a close, I began another love affair...

gay men eating dinner
Are gay men really more likely to be foodies?
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Lesbians Love Tequila & More National Coming Out Day Factoids

Are gay and lesbian eating and drinking habits all that different from those of straight people? A marketing company called Target 10 has created an infographic depicting the eating, drinking and nightlife preferences of gays and lesbians, contrasting them with those of straight folks. Ready for some thought-provoking factoids?

family cooking recipes quick healthy
Looking for healthy family recipes that don't take forever to make? Look no further.
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Strapped For Time? 5 Quick & Healthy Family Recipes

Are you a busy mom who is constantly trying to feed herself, her kids and her husband — all while making healthy choices? And then your kids' friends come over and you find yourself having even more mouths to feed? There are few things more frustrating than finding yourself strapped for time at the end of a long day, with no idea of what to make.

man woman cooking
Learning to cook did wonders for my dating life.
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How Learning To Cook Refined My Taste In Men

Hi, I'm Sam, and I have both undercooked and overcooked many a dish. I've burned so many pizzas that my oven has reeked of seared cheese for months. The only thing I have ever been good at making was cocktails, toast and salad. But as more and more of my friends started holding delicious dinners and talking about the great meals they made with their boyfriends, I realized this was not acceptable.

man cooking
Who doesn't love a man that knows how to cook?
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Why We Need More Men In The Kitchen

Men (in the most general of terms) have been wandering into the kitchen, with a sense of distinct purpose and not just to raid the fridge, for at least a decade or more.

mac n cheese
Tough breakup? Cheesy Crumbles Sensation to the rescue!
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5 Recipes That Always Help Me Through Heartbreak

When I first find myself in the throes of a break-up, my body shuts down. Even the thought of food, at first, is difficult. My stomach is just as twisted as my heart, I find myself in my bed for too long, and honestly, when I do force myself to eat, I can't even keep it down. But once the first wave of despair lifts, and I'm able to think about food again, I indulge in my favorite, often made-up concoctions.

heart coffee
Wake up and smell the coffee. It's time for a kick-butt Twitter party.
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TODAY: Join Our #BreakfastLoveDinner Twitter Party!

We invite you to join us on Monday, Oct. 1 for two hours as we delight in combining the sensual pleasures of food and love. Have a favorite go-to recipe you like to prepare for your S.O.? Experienced a food-related dream-date — or dating horror story? Had interesting experiences with incorporating food preferences into a relationship? We'd love to learn more!

Romantic Fourth Of July
Get creative and try one of these delicious dishes at your Fourth of July gathering!
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8 Recipes For A Romantic Fourth Of July Cookout

Whether you're hosting or attending a Fourth of July celebration, there's one question that will most definitely be on your mind on the days leading up to this fun-filled, summer holiday: "What food should I make?"