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Celebrity Love

Simon Cowell Still Loving Lap Dances

It has become pretty clear that American Idol judge Simon Cowell enjoys the company of a lady every now and again. And by company, we mean a lady giving him a lap dance to reward him for all of his hard work discovering unknown talent all over America and Britain. Cowell was spotted out at club VIP in Saint-Tropez, France on Sunday, and during part of his night of fun, he received what appeared to be a lap dance from an unknown brunette. Radar Online has a few nice pictures of the dance and Cowell's surprised face when he realized he was being photographed. Although the mystery woman's face cannot be seen in any of the pictures, she and Cowell appear to be enjoying themselves.


Do You Need A Love Contract?

Only Madonna, Ritchie, a marriage therapist (and perhaps a therapist's nosy administrative assistant) will ever know whether the former couple really drew up a "love pact." But it does perk our interest. Should we all have one of these? Are they only for the rich and famous? With the right guidelines, can they improve—and in some cases—save a marriage?

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The Legal Side of Love

If moving in together is a conscious objection to having the government involved in your union, the thought of contracts and judges may be particularly irksome. But for better or worse, the institution of marriage has laws that govern things like property rights if the couple splits. No matter how committed your bodies, hearts and souls are, if you're living together as romantic partners, to the State, you might as well be roommates. In divorce proceedings, the court is apt to assume equal entitlement—or liability—for both partners, but if you separate having never signed a marriage certificate or a contract, it doesn't matter which assets you mixed or didn't, it's one person's word against another.

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Open Up

Open Relationship Dos And Dont's

If it weren't for the rules, and the willingness of two people to respect each other by following those rules, alternative relationships would simply self-destruct. It would be relationship anarchy. Occasionally, the rules are even broken. And sometimes that's ok, too. After all, every hook-up is different than the one that came before, and so with that in mind, all romantic and sexual encounters should probably be judged independently of one another.