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Parenting Conflict? Make Sure Your Kid Wins

Not having to win is a pretty good quality when one is part of a couple, especially when that couple has to parent together and, by the way, also wants to stay in love. We've disagreed plenty over the years about child-rearing issues—and still do. Yet we usually manage to be sure that it's the kids who win in the end.

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6 Useless Ways To Express Anger

We couldn't help but chuckle after reading about e-Pressed, a shirt that uses biosensors to interpret and communicate the wearer's stress levels via embedded LEDs. People who see the shirt light up can then press acupuncture points drawn on the shirt, which in turn relax the wearer and turn off the light. At this point, the shirt is still in the preliminary concept stages, but imagine the implications for relationships if e-Pressed went commercial. We're not sure that it'd make the best anniversary present: "Here's an LED-lit shirt, honey, because I can't read your emotions otherwise." (Cue the blinking red light). There are right and wrong ways to get angry. Here are 6 ineffective methods.

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Guy Always Working

  Why is it you always seem to want what you can’t have? Why do you try to come between your lover and his work when you know you can't win?   I'm out walking my dog. He’s doing his sniffing thing, which seems much more important to him than the peeing thing – and there’s a couple arguing. The guy is trying to get into his car. He’s telling the woman he has to go, he has an appointment, and she’s frustrated. She's saying "You always have an appointment," and he’s saying “Look I can’t run a business and hold your hand at the same time.” She retorts with: “You never have time for me, you’re always working.” He’s trying to make nice with her, saying “We’ll take a vacation when I close this deal” and you know that's never gonna happen.   

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How To Prepare For A Loaded Conversation

Ever found yourself circumventing a conversation you know you need to have with your partner? Or maybe you've rehearsed precisely what you want to say only to have it fall on deaf ears, or worse, defensive ears! Every relationship encounters its share of tough issues. An unexpected change in circumstances, or feelings of dissatisfaction, or a desire for change, for example, may trigger an issue. How you view them depends on a number of factors including your stage of life and your ability to effectively manage the issues that arise in your relationship.

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What Is Romance?

Romance is a fancy steak dinner for two in a room lit purely by candles. It's flowers on a random day and falling asleep in your lover's T-shirt that smells like his cologne. But romance is also picking the other person up when they can't stay above water because they're scared, so scared they're breathless. What is romance to you?

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The Pointlessness Of Relationship Anniversaries

Guys often forget relationship anniversaries, according to every bad comedian's jokes since about 1965, and various magazines and TV shows since then. It can seem inconsiderate on the surface, and men get a lot of heat for not taking relationship anniversaries seriously. We've got a pretty good excuse to cover for our mistakes: we don't care, because anniversaries are stupid.

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How To Start Anew In Your Relationship This Year

January 1st is one of the few times of the year that truly feels like the first day of the rest of your life. It is also a great excuse to do a little relationship maintenance, under the guide of New Year's resolutions. This year we recruited a team of experts, including Mars Venus Success Coach Melodie Tucker, Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz, psychotherapist and author Elisabeth LaMotte, Dating Makeover Coach Kira Sabin, and Dr. Diana Kirschner, author of Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love to advise couples on how to make 2010 their best year yet. Use these five tips as a guide, but make the process your own.

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Diary Of A Disabled Woman Seeking Love

Dating is hard enough for a nerdy, bespectacled, 24-year-old without adding permanent deficiencies like cerebral palsy to the mix. I can never decide if the best time to confess that I don't drive is after the first round of "getting-to-know-you" drinks or on the third "I-think-I-like-you" dinner.