From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love

Every year on February 14th it’s hard to miss those who are taking rejection very hard on or close to the most romantic day of the year. Whether the rejection was recent or many years ago, Valentine’s Day, for some, can reduce their emotions to puddles … literally. Luckily, this year offered a surprising lesson on handling sweethearts who went sour came complements of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics when Viktor Ahn won Gold for Russia.

Life Coach: Why Parents Should Teach Their Kids To Be Independent
Always encourage your children to be all that they can be!
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Teach Your Children To Be 'I Can' Kids

Life coach Dr. Lisa Kaplin explains why parents should teach their children they CAN succeed, no matter their limitations. This heartwarming story will inspire you to be your kids' biggest cheerleader.

Personal Development Coach: How To Deal With Bullying At Work
A hostile work environment can negatively affect all aspects of your life.
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Bullying In The Workplace: Tips & Coping Advice

We hear a lot about kids being bullied, but bullying in the workplace can be just as damaging your self-esteem. Personal development coach Brock Hansen offers victims insight into how to cope, and presents ways to create a strategy that will help overcome even the meanest bully by the water cooler.

Life Coach: A Mother's Letter To Her Daughter
She deserves an amazing partner. Let's make sure she knows it. Photo: mikebaird, Flickr.
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Dear Daughter: Love Lessons From Mom

A therapist and life coach writes a letter to her daughter about the men she should avoid — and offers examples of the good guys who'd make great life partners. A man who cares only about how you look? Pass. Read on to learn the types of guys all women should avoid and look for.