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Why Am I Still Single?

A recent study showed that there are more single women in the US than ever before. Why is this (outside of population growth)? The reasons and rationales are numerous but two leading theories are that financial independence has made women more choosy and we, as Americans, are becoming narcissists. In addition, technology has, in many ways, sabotaged us. Facebook and its ilk aren't the solution to loneliness. The author's solution is to compromise a little, open human lines of communication, and leave Bridget Jones in the pages of her books.

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The Balancing Act: Can You Have It All?

An excerpt from Wall Street great Janet Hanson's book; "More Than 85 Broads;" about life after divorce for a workaholic. After she ended her 4-year marriage to a colleague, after realizing that they weren't in love, the Goldman Sachs banker decided to reevaluate her life. After that reflection, she realized she really could have it all with a little compromise.